Meet 14th September 2022 Written Update: Meet wins the challenge given by Barfi

Meet 14th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat helping Meet to hold the idol. They share an eye lock and Barfi calls him. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that he should place the idol in the right space. She asks Barfi if the latter has any problem with it. Barfi says if the motive is just worshiping God, then it’s ok. But if there is any conspiracy, then she won’t accept it. Raj thinks he knew Meet will try to unite the family again and this is the right occasion for her.

Ragini tells Babita that finally things are getting better and hopefully Bappa will solve the issues. Priest tells everyone to perform the aarti. Babita and Raj do that first. Meet Ahlawat and Neelam hold the aarti thal, and Meet also touches the thal mistakenly. She says sorry for that, but Raj tells Meet is still Meet Ahlawat’s wife, as the divorce papers are only submitted in the court, but the divorce didn’t happen yet. So she can perform the aarti with her husband. Meet and Meet Ahlawat perform the aarti while Neelam gets upset.

Meet gives aarti to all, one by one. She recalls their visit in the office. She feels Raj and Babita can’t steal the money. Meet Ahlawat can never execute such nasty plans. Sunaina went to Tej’s cabin only. Neelam doesn’t have guts to steal money. Only Barfi visited twice in the office. So she might be involved in this plan. Barfi stops Meet and says she only wants to feed prasad to Meet and the latter should not deny to eat like every time she did. Meet asks her to come to the point. Barfi throws down a challenge to Meet, saying she will have to compete with Neelam and Meet has to make 101 laddoos in thirty minutes before Neelam. If Meet fails then she won’t attend the evening aarti. Raj says this is a weird challenge but Meet accepts it. Meet and Neelam start making the laddoos. Neelam says she is expert at doing it. Meet can’t win. Meet thinks she has to search Barfi’s room because the latter might engage her in this to fool her.

Barfi misses Deep and says he used to bring Bappa at home for puja. She sheds tears and then she comes out to see the laddoos are made or not. Meet finishes the challenge before Neelam and Barfi is shocked to see that. Barfi questions Neelam that how’s it possible she lost. Neelam says she finished the laddoos but before she could bring it here, the plate falls down and the laddoos got ruined. Raj says now Meet can join them during evening aarti. Barfi can’t stop her. Meet tells Neelam to not feel bad but they can distribute the laddoos to poor kids at temple. She calls Barfi and tells her to wash the utensils that were used in making laddoos. Barfi gets irked. Meet thinks this is the right time to check her room.

The episode ends

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