Meet 16th January 2023 Written Update: Meet’s factory work finally starts!

Meet 16th January 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Babita hugging Manmeet saying Meet is back. Babita cries and so does everyone in family. Manmeet says I am Manmeet. He shows them his name’s bracelet. Babita says no you are my Meet, my son. She cries so Manmeet takes her blessing and says momd are always so sensitive and today you made me sensitive too take care. Manmeet takes leave while everyone in the family remembers Meet only. Meet is shown unconscious on the sofa. Babita says I was dying to see Meet son after so long I got to see him. They all get emotional. Next day, Babita and Raj come to feed Meet when they don’t find her anywhere. Raj reads a note reading Meet has gone to village. Babita worries thinking what if Meet meets Manmeet. Raj says Meet is strongest of us all don’t worry.

Here, a guy announces about a baba ji in mandir who can fix all the problems and has remedies for everything. All the village ladies hear this and think to go to baba ji. Meet is seeing them from far and thinks hopefully in this new year I will be able to be successful in gaining their trust. Later, in the mandir the ladies wait for baba ji when Meet comes dressed as baba ji. All the ladies share their problems of husbands beating them and spending money on alcohol. Baba ji says all your problems will get resolved when you start working in the factory that is being made. The ladies request baba ji to give them some other solution as their husbands have ordered them not to go there and even the sarkar made them promise. Meet exposes herself and reveals how she was the baba ji only to convince them to work as it will empower them all and then they will have an earning potential and confidence. All the ladies fear and get doubtful.

Babita and Raj come to the village to meet Manmeet. They ask for address from local villagers and see Manmeet do kushti from far and he defeats everyone. Manmeet then greets the Sarkar. Sarkar asks him to sit. Manmeet says I listen to everyone but do what I feel like, so I should have some benefit being in your good books. Manmeet requests Sarkar to let Meet set up the factory. Sarkar asks him not to run his brain and just to use his strength. Babita and Raj hear this and think he is different but his thoughts are like our Meet only.

Preeti is hit by Sarkar’s wife as she finds the phone in Preeti’s room from which updates and messages are sent to Meet. Sarkar’s wife accuses Preeti for cheating her family and Sarkar to support that girl Meet. Just then Mer enters. Sarkar’s wife says we don’t have space for disobedient girls like you. Meet says where a woman can’t respect another I also don’t wish to come but I had to share a news with Sarkar. Sarkar’s wife asks her to pay respect to him. Meet says I don’t respect him. Meet shows them all a recording of her factory’s progress. Sarkar’s wife gets angry and says only 4 people that too of lower class. Meet says our hands have 5 different kinds of fingers but they for a fist and they become strong similarly it’s a start. Meet leaves while Sarkar’s wife becomes very angry.

Meet comes to the factory and remembers how this was Meet’s dream for this factory to start working. Meet thanks the ladies for helping her. Meet also joins them in working. A group of goons come to beat them but the ladies team up and beat them instead. Meet sees a JCB coming towards their factory wall to destroy their hardwork so Meet is about to come but due to her injury she is unable to get up. Just then, Manmeet comes there with a tractor and comes infront of the JCB.

Episode ends.

Precap – Manmeet help Meet fight the goons. Meet sees Manmeet and thinks him as Meet.