Meet 17th January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet rescues Meet

Meet 17th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ladies beating the crap out of Sarkar’s men. One of Sarkar’s men comes with a crane to break the wall. Manmeet puts a tractor in between them. Manmeet carries Meet on his shoulders. Manmeet tells Sarkar’s men to stop and comments on them. Sarkar’s men try to beat Manmeet and Meet but they beat the crap of them. After Sarkar’s men run away Manmeet puts Meet down. Meet sees that the guy who helped her is looking exactly like Meet Ahlawat and recalls her moments with Meet Ahlawat. Meet recalls Meet Ahlawat’s final parting words. Manmeet sees Meet is silent and asks what happened. Manmeet sees that Meet has small wounds and asks her to come. Manmeet applies medicine on the wounds of Meet. Meet recalls her moments with Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet says he doesn’t understand if she is a girl or a hammer as she hurt 4 goons and she got hurt but she didn’t back down. Manmeet praises Meet. Meet asks Manmeet who is he? Manmeet introduces himself as a wrestler.

Sarkar closes Yashoda’s eyes. Sarkar takes off his hand from Yashoda’s eyes and asks Yashoda to sit down. Sarkar asks Yashoda to eat the food and he promises that he will take care of Meet. Sarkar says to Yashoda that in 10 days Meet will be at her mercy and says Meet will tie Yashoda’s hair. Yashoda feels happy hearing this and takes his blessing.

Manmeet praises Lassi and asks Meet to take it. Manmeet drinks Lassi infront of Meet. Manmeet also asks Meet to drink it. After Meet drinks Lassi. Manmeet says the lassi moustache looks good on her. Manmeet shows her photo in his phone with Lassi moustache. Meet thinks of Meet Ahlawat and cries right infront of Manmeet. Manmeet asks what happened. Meet runs away from there.

Babita thinks of Manmeet and says to everyone that they should invite Manmeet to their home and introduce him to Meet. Meet says no. Meet says Manmeet looks exactly like Meet Ahlawat but he is not Meet Ahlawat. Meet says now her goal is only thing and i.e. factory.

Yashoda calls all the ladies and tells them to get ready as in 10 days there is going to be a marriage. Swapna asks the lady whose marriage it will be. The lady asks Yashoda whose marriage is going to happen in 10 days. Yashoda says a new bride is going to come Sarkar’s house in 10 days. Swapna pleads Yashoda not to destroy her life and says if she doesn’t have children then it might be god’s decision. Yashoda kicks Swapna and says Sarkar is the only God in Sarkarpur and this marriage is his decision.

Meet dreams of Manmeet. Meet wakes up from the dream and thinks to herself why is she thinking of Manmeet. Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat’s photo and says nobody can erase his existence from her heart.

Manmeet stops Meet and asks her what is her problem as she didn’t even say thank you after he saved her. Manmeet decides to find out what is Meet’s problem. Meet tries to leave from there. Manmeet takes Meet’s moped keys and asks her what is her problem. Meet slaps Manmeet and asks him to give back the keys.

Episode ends.