Meet 17th November 2022 Written Update: Meet confronts Laila

Meet 17th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Masum saying to Babita that Raj lied to her and made her tell the name of the hospital. Babita asks Raj if what Masum said is the truth? Babita asks Raj why did he do that. Raj reminds Babita that Meet went to find Meet Ahlawat and says there are still 24 hrs for Meet to find Meet Ahlawat and says to Babita that she is not going to interfere with Meet in these 24 hrs. Babita says to Raj if anything happens to Meet Ahlawat, Neelam or their unborn child then she will never forgive him. Babita leaves from there. Raj calls Meet and asks if she is fine. Meet says she is fine and says she found that Neelam hid Meet Ahlawat here. Raj says he will talk to the police and raid the hospital then they will find Meet Ahlawat. Meet says no and says Neelam might do something to Meet Ahlawat. Raj asks Meet what is she going to do? Meet says she is going to challenge Neelam and she is going play with Neelam.

Meet leaves a voice message to Laila saying she is a coward and challenges Neelam if she dares to fight her head on. Laila hearing the voice message talks to Meet Ahlawat who is unconscious and asks Meet Ahlawat if she should accept her challenge or not. Laila sends a message where to come. Meet sees the message and goes to the place where Neelam said.

Laila says to Meet Ahlawat who is unconscious that Meet coming here is part of her plan. Meet sits on bench no 10 as mentioned in the message. Meet sees a woman with a mask and thinks it is Laila and takes off the mask but sees that it is not Neelam and apologises to the woman. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat’s chain on the bench and thinks when did it come here. Meet gets a message from Laila to drink the coffee that is infront of her to meet Meet Ahlawat. Meet drinks the coffee. Meet falls unconscious after drinking the coffee. Laila sees that Meet is unconscious. Barfi sees that Laila is missing and thinks Laila is going to destroy Neelam’s life.

Laila says to Meet who is unconscious that she thought she would be smarter than this. Laila says she is going to kill Meet and make Meet Ahlawat hers. Laila puts Meet on a stretcher and hides Meet and takes Meet out of the hospital. Barfi passes by the stretcher that Meet is on. Laila and the Goon bring Meet to bury her. The Goon digs a hole to bury Meet. Meet is put in a box and the box is put in the hole that is digged for Meet. Laila says she will take care of Meet and asks the Goon to keep an eye on Meet Ahlawat. Laila says to Meet to sleep eternally and is about to close the lid but she couldn’t close the box lid.

Meet jumps out of the box. Meet holds Laila by the neck and says what she said is right and says she didn’t drink the coffee she arranged for her. Meet says she would have given her life for Meet Ahlawat and says this is not today. Meet pushes Laila to the ground. Neelam comes out and asks Meet why did Meet push Neelam and why is she wearing these clothes? Meet thinks Neelam is acting and starts hitting Neelam. Laila comes out of Neelam as Meet hits her and defends herself. Laila asks Meet if she has that much dare to hit Laila. Meet asks Laila who is the Laila that she is talking about? Laila says she is the one who is dangerous and confident and if she likes something she will get it one way or another and says she is not like Neelam.

Episode ends.

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