Meet 18th November 2022 Written Update: Raj trusts Meet against all odds

Meet 18th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Laila saying to Meet that if she likes something she will get it one way or another. Meet recalls the bar incident and thinks Neelam made a fake story of herself so that Meet Ahlawat will feel sorry for her. Meet praises Neelam for her acting. Laila says she is not Neelam anymore only Laila. Laila says she will not allow anyone to come in between her and Meet Ahlawat and it will start with taking care of Meet. Laila tries to push Meet into the box but she falls after struggling with Meet. Laila throws sand in Meet’s eyes and gets out of the box. Laila shows on the phone to Meet that Meet Ahlawat is held hostage and has a knife against his neck.

Meet asks Laila to release Meet Ahlawat. Meet threatens Laila she will kill her if she doesn’t leave Meet Ahlawat. Laila threatens Meet and asks her not to do anything funny. The goon holds a plastic cover over Meet Ahlawat’s head and chokes Meet Ahlawat. Laila asks Meet for her life then she will allow Meet Ahlawat to live. Meet doesn’t answer. The Goon gives an electric shock to Meet Ahlawat. Meet seeing this begs Laila on her knees to leave Meet Ahlawat alone. Meet seeing this agrees to do what she said. Laila says before she dies she needs to make a video and she needs to tell whatever Laila says. Meet agrees. Meet sees Laila distracted and shares her location to Ishani. Ishani sees the Meet’s location and calls Meet thinking she is in trouble.

Laila takes the phone from Meet’s hand and cuts the call and says she has to tell whatever Laila says like a parrot. Ishani decides to go to Meet’s location. Ishani goes on her Scooty following Meet’s location. Laila praises Meet for doing what she said and pushes her into the box. Meet sleeps in the box voluntarily. Laila taunts Meet who is sleeping in the box willingly and closes the box lid and says from now on Meet Ahlawat is only hers. Laila buries Meet who is in the box. Ishani is shown to be going to Meet’s location. Meet bangs on the box. Laila completely buries Meet. Laila says now this video will go to the whole Ahlawat’s family. Laila thanks Meet for taking all the blame for what Laila did.

Babita sees the video and asks Raj if he still thinks Meet is innocent after seeing the video. Babita play’s the video and in it Meet is shown to be admitting that she is the one who is obsessed with Meet Ahlawat and says she threw the blame on Neelam to protect herself. Meet says she decides to take Meet Ahlawat away from here. Raj says this video is fake and asks if anyone notices that Meet’s phone is switched off after this video and says this video is a signal that Meet is in great danger. Laila feels elated everything going her way. Babita says to Raj why will he still believe after Meet herself admitted it is her doing. Babita asks Raj to do something. Raj stays silent. Babita says she will not allow Meet to succeed and calls the police station. Raj takes the phone from Babita and stops Babita from calling the police. Ishani nearly reaches Meet’s location. Meet falls unconscious in the box.

Episode ends.

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