Meet 18th September 2021 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat proposes Meet with ring

Meet 18th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Meet tells him idea to make his engagement memorable and Meet Ahlawat likes the idea and he thanks for her it than he calls Deep and asks him to manage his Mom and Dad for sometime. Manushi thinks Kunal desperation reached to peak and now it’s time to tell him that let’s run away from here than she gets video call of Kunal that he will die if she won’t come to meet him at 4pm. Manu agrees to meet him and asks him to don’t harm himself. Kunal agrees than Manushi thinks how to manage Meet than she gets idea.

Meet sends Ram and Lakhan to check the sweet arrangements. Manushi asks Meet to apply mehendi as it’s her sister Marriage. Anubha too agrees with Manu than Designer applies mehendi to Meet. Manushi says she is going to get ready and asks them to don’t disturb her. Dadi asks why Meet is smiling. Meet says it’s ticklish with smile. Anubha feels happy and thinks she will be happy once Meet is married after Manushi. Meet goes to check arrangements leaving her mehendi in the middle.

Anubha opens the door and gets shocked seeing Meet Ahlawat. Dadi locks Meet in a room. Anubha welcomes Meet Ahlawat and asks him why he came early as they are about to come at 4pm. Meet says he want to meet Manushi. Meet thinks why she feel she knows the voice. Anubha asks what’s the matter. Meet sats I can’t tell you the reason but it’s important to meet her. Anubha asks if he came ti cancel the engagement. Meet says no, you guys know that everything is going fast and we didn’t had time to share our feelings that’s why I came to have surprise to her. Dadi and Anubha feels happy. Anubha goes to bring Manushi. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat face through window when he is going upstairs and she feels happy remembering their meetings and dances happily and thinks we are helping eachother for the same purpose and this guy is perfect for her.

Anubha takes Meet with her and tells her that your Jiju came here to meet Manushi but she is not at home. Meet says she might went gi parlour. Anubha says I didn’t even informed to Dadi. Meet calls her but she didn’t recieve Meet calls. Mert Ahlawat comes to the room and calls for Manushi. Anubha says I told him that Manu is at home so we have to something. Meet says tell him that Manushi is getting ready. Anubha tells him Manushi don’t want to meet him now as she is half ready so wait upto engagement.

Meet says don’t worry Manushi, you’re the world beautiful girl for me and if you feel shy than you can come infront of me by covering your face with veil. Meet tells to his Mom that she have an idea and she gets ready and goes infront of Meet Ahlawat like Manushi. He asks fir her left hand. Meet thinks it’s not correct. Meet makes her wear the ring and tells to her that they are belongs to eachother for life time and he writes his name in her hand with mehendi tells her that she is belongs to him for 7births.

Episode ends.

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