Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update: Meet rejects Panchayat’s Decision

Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet hugging Manmeet thinking he is Meet Ahlawat and says to him that she can handle any kind of pain but not the pain of losing him. Meet asks Manmeet to never leave her again. The villagers hear their voices and come to them. The villagers comment on them. Manmeet tells a villager not to comment on Meet. Manmeet argues with the villagers on behalf of Meet. Meet leaves from there. Sarpanch tells to Manmeet that tomorrow at the Panchayat they should answer for their behaviour. Manmeet comments on him and goes after Meet. Meet comes to Raj and Babita. Raj and Babita ask her what happened? Manmeet comes and tells Raj and Babita that Meet is about to jump into the well while sleepwalking. Manmeet says he pulled her to himself. At that time a few villagers and Sarpanch came there and they started talking badly about Meet and himself and says tomorrow is Panchayat. Meet asks Manmeet why did he come there? Raj says they sent him to look for her. Meet says to Raj and Babita that she doesn’t want anyone’s help and she can live alone without anyone’s help. Meet asks Manmeet to leave from here. Manmeet leaves from there. Meet asks Raj and Babita to leave and she will handle everything. Raj and Babita agree.

At the Panchayat Sarpanch tells Sarkar that they caught Manmeet and Meet doing romance. Chanda explains to Sarkar that Meet has a disease of sleep walking and tells Sarakar what happened at that time. Chanda also says Manmeet looks like Meet Ahlawat but hearing all this they just laugh at her and comment on it. Meet says to Chanda there is no need to give explanation here as she doesn’t believe in this Panchayat and asks her to leave. The villagers stop Meet and Chanda. Manmeet warns the villagers that he will beat the crap out of anyone who talks badly about Meet. Manmeet defends Meet in the Panchayat. Sarkar makes a decision about Meet and Manmeet as they are caught doing romance. Sarkar says if a man and woman are caught doing romance then the man will marry the woman if not the the panchayat will arrange another man to marry the woman.

Yashoda announces in her house that the marraige is not going to happen after 10 days but it will be before that. Sarkar gives another option to Meet that she should stop the factory that she is constructing and leave from here. Meet says to Sarkar she will not accept any decision of this panchayat. Sarkar says then they will take the decision on behalf of her. One of Sarkar’s man gives a plate to Manmeet. Manmeet takes the plate to Meet. Meet throws the plate into the air. Meet asks Manmeet that he talks a lot about respecting ladies but doesn’t he know that for a marriage the woman also needs to agree. Meet scolds the villagers on their thinking and says she will not care about the decisions made in this Panchayat. Meet warns Manmeet to stay away from her. Meet leaves from there. Sarkar makes fun of Manmeet.

One of Sarkar’s men comes to Yashoda and says Meet rejected the Panchayat’s decision. Mahindra’s wife asks Yashoda why is she this troubled as Meet said no to the Panchayat’s decision. A woman comes and gives the Chunri to Yashoda. Mahindra’s wife sees the Chunri and makes fun of Yashoda. Yashoda manhandles her. Mahindra’s wife apologises to Yashoda.

Raj hearing what happened says to Meet that he is going compliant to the police. Meet says there is no need for that. Babita says Manmeet took a stand for Meet against all those people. Meet says to Babita that she doesn’t want to talk about this. Manmeet comes to Ahlawat house and asks Meet what is his fault in the Panchayat’s decision. Manmeet asks Meet what is her problem and asks her to come so that they can talk but Meet closes the door on Manmeet’s face. Manmeet says he is going to stay here until she talks to him.

Episode ends.

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