Meet 21st December 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat chokes Anurag

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The episode starts with Anurag changing sides in the court. Meet gets stunned seeing Anurag taking Barfi’s side in the court. Anurag says to the judge that there seems to be no lawyer from the defense side. The judge asks Meet where is their lawyer. Meet says she will argue Meet Ahlawat’s case. The judge asks Meet and Anurag to come infront of him. The judge asks Meet if she is qualified to argue this case. Meet says she has worked as a police officer and says she knows a little about law and says the first rule of law is to bring out the truth. The judge asks Anurag if he has any objections with Meet arguing Meet Ahlawat’s case. Anurag says no. The judge gives permission for Meet to argue Meet Ahlawat’s case.

Anurag shows the photo of Neelam and says Meet Ahlawat left Meet and brought Neelam as his new wife. Anurag says Meet Ahlawat after his marriage with Neelam. Meet Ahlawat thought Meet is better than Neelam so he brought Meet again. When Neelam raised her voice he threw her in a mental hospital saying she is mad. After that Meet Ahlawat killed Neelam. Anurag calls Meet as his first witness. Meet takes the stand. Anurag asks Meet if Meet Ahlawat is angry with her as she lost their child. Meet says yes. Anurag says Meet Ahlawat married Neelam because he is angry on Meet and says once he cooled down Meet Ahlawat and Meet got back together. Neelam raised her voice against them. Anurag says Neelam is innocent. Meet says Neelam is not innocent and says she played with their feelings and Neelam tried to steal Meet Ahlawat from her. Anurag says they both murdered her because she came in between them. Anurag ends his argument. The judge asks Meet to continue.

Meet asks Pratap to the witness stand. Pratap says Neelam is a criminal minded woman and she is mad for Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to Anurag that he can ask questions. Anurag asks Pratap if Meet Ahlawat knows about their past. Pratap says Meet Ahlawat knew recently. Anurag says it is a big coincidence that after Meet Ahlawat found out about their past Neelam was killed. Raj and Babita think why is Anurag talking this personally.

Anurag shows the video of Meet Ahlawat holding Neelam at gun point and blackmailing Barfi. Meet Ahlawat says he made this video to blackmail Barfi and says he didn’t kill Neelam. Anurag asks Meet what did Meet Ahlawat say to her if Barfi didn’t listen to him. Meet says that Meet Ahlawat said he would have murdered Neelam. Meet tries to explain to the judge but Anurag doesn’t allow that and establishes a point that Meet Ahlawat gets angry easily and in his anger he killed Neelam.

Anurag says Meet Ahlawat went to the hospital to kill Neelam. Meet Ahlawat says he went to the hospital to meet Anubha his mother in law and not Neelam. Anurag shows the hospital CCTV footage in which Neelam goes in one direction and Meet Ahlawat also goes in that direction. Anurag says the place where Meet Ahlawat met Neelam is a blind spot in the CCTV footage. Anurag says Meet Ahlawat said to Neelam that he is going to save her from the police and asked Neelam to hide in his car. Meet Ahlawat defends himself saying nothing like that ever happened. Anurag shows the CCTV footage in which Neelam goes to Meet Ahlawat’s car and hides in his car. Meet Ahlawat comes and drives the car away. Meet comes and asks Anurag if it is a well planned murder like he said then why did Meet Ahlawat keep Neelam’s dead body in his car. Anurag says after Meet Ahlawat killed Neelam he came to share the good news with her.

Anurag asks Meet if she is the one who encouraged Meet Ahlawat to kill Neelam. Meet Ahlawat gets angry and jumps out of the witness stand and chokes Anurag for blaming Meet. The police and Meet stops Meet Ahlawat and separate them. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that Anurag is trying to provoke him and asks Meet Ahlawat to calm down. Meet Ahlawat warns Anurag to think twice before blaming Meet. Anurag shows his behaviour to the judge and asks the judge to punish Meet Ahlawat severely. Meet requests time from the judge to acquire evidence to prove Meet Ahlawat’s innocence. The judge agrees and gives Meet Ahlawat three days time. The judge says the court is adjourned.

Episode ends.

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