Meet 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet’s true origin is revealed

Meet 23rd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Manmeet saying to the girl that he will marry her? The girl asks Manmeet about his address. Manmeet says he used to have a grandmother but now she is dead. Manmeet shows Raj and Babita and says now only they are his family. Manmeet asks the girl to ask them the address and bring Shagun ka Thali there. Meet objects to it but Raj stops Meet and asks the girl to bring Shagun Ka Thali to their house. She agrees and introduces herself as Shagun. She leaves from there. Manmeet says to Meet that now he is controlling his heart.

Babita and Raj prepare for the Shagun’s family arrival. Meet asks Babita she doesn’t know why they are going along with Manmeet. Babita says she might not see Meet Ahlawat in Manmeet but she is seeing her son in Manmeet. Manmeet comes and asks Babita how is she? Babita thinks of Meet Ahlawat seeing Manmeet. Babita comments on Manmeet and leaves from there.

Meet asks Manmeet why is he coming after her all the time? Manmeet asks Meet if she is jealous? Meet comments on it. Manmeet says a guy is needed to stand behind a woman if not there is no meaning to a woman’s life. Manmeet praises himself and asks Meet to marry her. The door bell rings at this time. Manmeet thinks Shagun’s family came with Shagun ka Thali.

The Ahlawat family opens the door and sees Sarkar’s family and gets stunned. Sarkar says they brought Shagun Ka Thali. Manmeet asks Sarkar if Shagun is their daughter. Yashoda says Shagun is Mahindra’s wife( Gunvanthi)’s sister. Yashoda asks Manmeet if he is going to say no to this marriage after seeing them. Manmeet says he is not going say no. Raj asks Sarkar and his family to come inside. Meet takes Manmeet to a side and says this is Sarkar’s trap. Manmeet asks Meet to say yes to him and then he will say no to this marriage. Meet says to Manmeet that he can do whatever he wants.

Manmeet asks them how to push this match forward. Yashoda says it is a yes from their side and says all he needs is to accept Shagun Ka Thali from them. Manmeet agrees. Yashoda gives Shagun Ka Thali to Babita and asks them to come to thier house tomorrow and says they will do engagement of Manmeet and Shagun there. Babita agrees. Sarkar asks Manmeet to come with him. Manmeet agrees.

Babita worries that this marriage is Sarkar’s trap for Manmeet. Meet says Manmeet is not a child and there is no need to worry about him.

Sarkar asks Manmeet to stop the jeep and get down. Sarkar points the gun to Manmeet and asks if he is going to betray Sarkar. Sarkar asks if he is going to marry both Shagun and Meet. Manmeet says yes. Sarkar asks if he is going to betray him? Manmeet takes a glass shard makes a wound on his thumb and puts Tilak to Sarkar. Manmeet says he will betray Meet not his father Sarkar. Sarkar hearing this hugs Manmeet. Sarkar says every drop of blood of Sarkar is priceless and asks him not to allow it flow out that easily. Sarkar introduces Manmeet to Yashoda as his small son. Yashoda hugs Manmeet and says she couldn’t hug him before even if he is right infornt of her eyes. Sarkar says Manmeet is going to take Revenge by marrying Meet. Manmeet also says he will do fake marriage with Meet but he will do real marriage with Shagun. Raj and Babita are shown to be trying to convince Meet to marry Manmeet. Sarkar and Manmeet talk about how to make Meet fall into their trap. Manmeet takes a pledge saying from now on Meet is only going see hell.

Episode ends.

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