Meet 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Barfi blackmails Ahlawat’s family

Meet 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Barfi revealing to everyone that Neelam has split personality disorder. Barfi says whatever Neelam did is not Neelam and says it is Laila. Barfi says she is not lying and says she also has proof. Barfi brings the doctor’s report of Neelam and shows it to Raj and Babita. Babita says these kinds of fake reports can be made anywhere. Barfi says Neelam should not go to prison as she is pregnant. Raj asks Barfi why she didn’t tell them before about this split personality disorder. Barfi says because she is a mother and says she is defending Neelam who is suffering with Laila’s actions silently. Laila says to Barfi that there is no need for Barfi to be her lawyer and says Laila knows how to get her right and says she will get Meet Ahlawat one way or another and says they will all be watching and not be able to do anything. Barfi shows Laila and this is what I am talking about. Raj asks Ram to call the police. Barfi stops Ram and says if she calls the police then Barfi will also go to the police and says she is going to complain about Isha who killed her son.

Raj asks Barfi if she is blackmailing them. Barfi says they can think whatever they want and says they will be responsible for what happens to Isha in jail. Ragini says she can call the police and says she will not put her whole family in jeopardy for her daughter’s safety. Meet also says Isha’s is just an accident and says it is not like Laila who planned and executed it. Laila says there is a lot of drama going on. Laila asks Barfi if her tricks are over. Barfi comes to Laila and says she is doing this for her. Barfi sees everyone is distracted and unties Laila and asks Laila to run away. Laila gives the rope to Babita and assists Babita to tie her again. Laila says to Barfi she has a lot of unfinished business here seeing Meet.

The police come and take Laila into custody. The police handcuff Laila and are about to take her away. Laila says she has a plan B and says Meet will come to Laila to beg her for Meet Ahlawat’s life. Meet says she has a lot of trust on her love and asks her to leave from here. Laila says see you soon and leaves from there with the police.

Meet says now Laila has left the house and says we should also throw Laila out of our minds. Raj says today is Diwali and they are going to celebrate it grandly as Meet Ahlawat returned to them.

Raj comments on the decorations. Ram sees Ragini and Ishani. Raj says today they are going to put away troubles aside and celebrate. Everyone does Pooja. Babita gives Aarti to Lakshmi Devi. After that everyone gives Aarti as pairs one by one. Meet and Meet Ahlawat give Aarti at the last. Meet Ahlawat feels something is wrong when he is giving Aarti to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat nearly drops the Aarti but Meet catches the Aarti and gives Aarti to the Goddess. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to put Sindhur on Meet’s Maang and give Meet back all the things that she lost. Meet Ahlawat tries to raise his hand but he couldn’t raise the hand. Babita asks Meet Ahlawat to do it. Meet Ahlawat tries to take Sindhur and put it in Meet’s Maang but she couldn’t. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat what happened. Meet Ahlawat says his hand is not raising. Meet thinks of what happened to Meet Ahlawat’s hand.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Laila hitting Meet on the head with a rod. Meet feels dizzy on the car. Meet feels like Meet Ahlawat is calling her. Meet unties her rope. Laila tries to hit Meet again but Meet ducks and pushes Laila away. Laila hits the car and falls on the ground. Meet takes the fire crackers and throws them away. Meet saves Meet Ahlawat and gets him out of the car. Meet hugs Meet Ahlawat. Meet kisses Meet Ahlawat on the forehead. Meet Ahlawat also hugs Meet. Meet and Meet Ahlawat see firecrackers going off.

Raj gives Babita the good news that Meet Ahlawat has been found and is coming back. Babita feels elated hearing this and goes to prepare Aarti. Raj asks Babita if she is not going to ask who is bringing Meet Ahlawat back. Babita says it is obviously the police. Raj says Meet is bringing Meet Ahlawat back and says Neelam is the one who kidnapped Meet Ahlawat and says Neelam is about to take Meet Ahlawat out of the country and says her time is good as Dadi went to the hospital as she didn’t eat anything and asks Babita if she can look Dadi in the eye. Raj asks Babita if she can see Meet in the eye with what she did.

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