Meet 24th November 2022 Written Update: Meet promises Neelam

Meet 24th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Doctor checking Meet Ahlawat’s hand. The doctor asks Meet Ahlawat to raise his hand but he couldn’t. Meet Ahlawat says he couldn’t raise it. Babita asks the doctor what happened to Meet Ahlawat? The doctor says according to his reports Meet is given a slow poison and because of this, it is affecting his nervous system. Babita asks the doctor what is the treatment. The doctor says for the treatment he needs to know the name of the poison and says in today’s market they will be a lot of poisons and antidotes. Meet recalls what Laila said and says Neelam might know what poison is in Meet Ahlawat’s body. Meet Ahlawat says we should not trust Neelam. Meet says we don’t have another choice and says we need to take back the police complaint given against Neelam. Raj calls DSP and does as Meet says. Ram says Neelam got fits and is admitted in a nearby hospital.

Meet brings milk for Meet Ahlawat. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat on the sofa instead of on the bed and asks what happened. Meet Ahlawat says it is his mistake as he didn’t tell Meet the truth at the right time and feels guilty about it. Meet says there is no need to think about his mistakes and says he needs to think about how to make them right. Meet teases Meet Ahlawat saying she is going to sleep alone on the bed. Meet Ahlawat also sleeps on the bed and says he is going to sleep with her. Meet Ahlawat tries to raise his right hand but he couldn’t. Meet seeing this helps Meet Ahlawat and says she loves him. Meet and Meet Ahlawat hug each other.

Neelam is shown to be arguing with the nurse. Meet sees this and tries to calm Neelam down. Neelam asks Meet to stay away from her and says she couldn’t win over Laila and says she needs to be punished for the crimes she did. Doctor gives an anaesthetic to calm down Neelam. Meet says to Doctor she has to talk about Neelam. Doctor asks Meet to come outside to talk.

Raj makes Meet Ahlawat drink soup. Babita sees all this. Raj seeing this also says in Babita’s soup there is her love also. Babita makes Meet Ahlawat drink the soup. Babita feeds Meet Ahlawat the soup. Meet Ahlawat asks if Babita talked to Meet. Babita says she didn’t. Babita goes to call Meet. Raj also goes with her.

Meet talks with the doctor about Neelam split personality disorder condition. The doctor says from when Neelam knew that she has split personality disorder. Neelam is devastated and says Laila is pretty dominant now. Meet says she needs some information from Laila and says she will discharge and take Neelam with her. Doctor advises against it but Meet doesn’t listen. Doctor agrees to sign on Neelam’s discharge papers.

Babita feels guilty about Meet Ahlawat’s condition. Raj comforts Babita and says to think about what happened. Babita says she is praying to God for Meet Ahlawat’s well being.

Neelam says to Meet that she will not come home and says she can’t control herself. Meet asks Neelam to trust her and asks Neelam to come with her. Neelam agrees to come home on the condition that Meet promises to keep Meet Ahlawat away from Neelam as she couldn’t control herself. Meet promises Neelam. Neelam asks Meet to get ready. Neelam agrees. When Neelam goes to get ready Meet inserts micro cameras in Neelam’s jewellery. Meet is shown to be talking to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat reminds Meet to be careful with Laila. Meet agrees and shows Meet Ahlawat the micro cameras and says Meet will insert these cameras in Neelam’s jewellery and her room. Meet thinks she has to find out the name of the poison from Laila as quickly as possible for Meet Ahlawat’s treatment. Laila thinks she will never tell Meet about the name of the poison and she is coming to see Meet Ahlawat die painfully.

Episode ends.

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