Meet 24th September 2022 Written Update: Raj gets upset with Meet

Meet 24th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Babita telling Raj that Meet won’t disappoint them and she will come soon. Meet arrives with the basket and Babita asks her about Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat enters and Raj is shocked to see him. He gets upset and Meet thinks she is scared how Raj will react. Meet Ahlawat tells Raj to say something as he can’t tolerate his silence. Meet says she only kidnapped Meet Ahlawat and forcibly took him here. Babita says it’s not Meet’s fault but she told her to bring Meet Ahlawat here. Raj says everyone got united to go against his decision but noone cared what he wants. He wanted peace here but now he won’t get it. He says he cant stay with Meet Ahlawat under same roof. He has to stay in another room. Babita tells Meet to do something else if Meet Ahlawat stays in different room then how will he patch up with Raj. Meet goes behind him.

Kamal and Puja perform ritual and he tells her to make the child taste the honey. Puja notices the baby is not there. She informs him and he gets shocked. He says if the baby is near police then they are finished. He reveals he wants a boy child after three girl children. He somehow has to find the baby. He recalls Meet and her husband were standing near the basket. So it got exchanged with their basket maybe. He goes to find Meet in the market. Raj talks to a person about arranging another room for Meet Ahlawat. He says currently no room is available and Raj says he is single man, he will manage so the latter says there’s one room available but Meet Ahlawat has to share the room with someone. Raj goes to check and Meet thinks their efforts to unite Raj and him will go to waste.

Masoom comes to stay in Ahlawat Mansion with Hosiyar and Dadi for some days. Dadi thanks Sunaina and they will leave after their house’s roof work is done. Masoom says she will only give orders here now and she gets excited that she doesnt need to work. She asks for a drink and Sunaina says Raj allowed her to stay here on one condition that Masoom will do her own work. She has to choose which side she will stay. Meet Ahlawat and Barfi’s side or Raj and Meet’s side. Masoom thinks she will choose Barfi as she gave her job. Hosiyar says but they decided already they will be in Meet’s side. Masoom gets irked and Barfi tells Neelam to be careful. Sunaina asks Masoom to make food for everyone. Kamal finds Meet Ahlawat in the room and recognises him. He also sees the basket. He thinks he has to take away the baby somehow. Meet Ahlawat checks his phone.

Episode ends

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