Meet 25th January 2023 Written Update: Molki tries to kill Meet

Meet 25th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Manmeet and Shagun completing their engagement ceremony. Shagun shows Meet and comments on her to Manmeet. A drunken guy misbehaves with Babita. Meet warns the drunken guy and tells him to leave. Munni comes and dances in Manmeet’s engagement. Mahindra dances with Munni. Narendra also joins them in the dance. After the dance Meet says to Raj that this environment is not right for them and they should leave. Raj agrees and says they should tell Manmeet that they are leaving. Manmeet while drinking alcohol dances for a song questioning Meet as she rejected his love. Manmeet misbehaves with Meet. Meet pushes Manmeet away from her.

Molki asks Gunvathi if Meet is going to be this house daughter in law. Gunvathi says it is Sarkar’s wish. Gunvathi asks Molki to thik of herself first and leaves from there.

Meet says to Manmeet that if he thinks by acting like a Majnu she will become his then he is wrong. Meet says she will never be his and says to Sarkar that they are going to take their leave. Molki finds the poison bottle to use it on Meet.

Sarkar says to Manmeet that he thinks he should end Meet. Manmeet says by ending Meet he can take his revenge but he will not be able to complete Yashoda’s vow. Manmeet asks Sarkar for some time. Sarkar agrees. Molki stops Meet and Ahlawat family who are leaving and offers them Pan. Meet doesn’t agree to take it but Molki convinces them to take it. Meet and the Ahlawat family takes the Pan. Molki is shown to be mixing poison in the pan. Meet tells Raj and Babita to go and she will come behind them. They agree and leave from there.

Meet while walking on the road falls unconscious. Manmeet and Sarkar talk about Meet and Molki. Sarkar says Molki made two mistakes thinking Meet is going to be Narendra’s wife and the second mistake is that the bottle that she took is not poison but chloroform. Manmeet says now Meet will change her statement that she wants to marry him within two days and for that they need to give a strike to Meet. Manmeet carries Meet.

Yashoda recalls her vow and says it is time for her vow to be fulfilled. Sarkar tries to make Narendra’s marriage with Meet. But Manmeet comes and pours water in the fire and stops the marriage. Meet regains her consciousness and asks Sarakar what did he want to do? Sarkar says to Meet that he wants to show her place to her. Meet asks the women if they have no shame to do this? Yashoda says this is kind thing they are doing for her and comments on it. Meet says to Sarkar that street dogs are better than Sarkar’s family women as atleast the street dogs have freedom and they don’t even have that. Manmeet gets angry but Sarkar stops Manmeet. Manmeet acts as if he is defending Meet and asks her to leave. Sarkar’s men point their gun at Manmeet and Meet. Manmeet asks Meet to leave but she says she will not leave him here like this. Manmeet says he will not be able to forgive himself if something happens to her. Meet recalls Meet Ahlawat final moments with her.

Episode ends.

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