Meet 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat attends the meeting with help of Meet

Meet 2nd December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet says I won’t return to coward like you who can’t bear the rejection of girl. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she saying. Meet says you’re about to lose your dream project and you’re from the boys who can’t face problems and ruin their life’s in love and you’re looser and you don’t have strength to achieve your goals, tell me do you have courage to achieve your goals? You can’t we youre looser amd coward and Meet push him hard so that he doesn’t give up. Meet Ahlawat shouts saying he is not looser and fell down. Meet cries seeing his state than she leaves from room asking Deep to take care Meet. Meet Ahlawat chants he is not looser. Deep supports him. Meet asks him to get lemon water than he drinks and pours cold water on himself than he gains his conscious and gets ready for meeting. Meet feels happy seeing him.

Deep wishes him all the best and asks him to join the meeting. During the intro itself he can’t connect due to power cut. Meet goes to help him. Deep goes to see what happened. Meet Ahlawat tries to connect through mobile but he can’t. Deep asks what Meet is doing. Meet arranges power supply with car batteries as main board got spoiled. Meet Ahlawat joins the meeting. Meet thinks she won’t let anything stops him from reaching his goals.

Babita cries saying Meet gets broken along with his dreams. Masoom says your Bahu is dissapeared and she can’t do anything for Meet and she is failure. Sunaina about to say something but Meet Ahlawat comes to them and informs everyone that he cracked the deal with help of Deep and he thanks him. Raj amd everyone thanks Deep than Deep says it’s all happened because of Meet Bhabhi. Meet Ahlawat asks what he means than Deep explains everything to him. Raj says it’s so tough for Meet but what’s the need for her to pose as Manushi when Meet accepted her as his wife and he confessed his love to her. Babita says it’s confession to Manushi. Masoom smiles. Babita says truth comesout in his inebriated state that he loves Manushi. Meet thinks Meet might get hurt. Raj says it’s tough for Meet but why you guys didn’t stopped her. Sunaina says I tried to stop her but Meet told me that Meet Ahlawat dream and hapiness is more important to her.

Meet thanks his Dad photo and tells him that she is happy for Dodu ram. Rajvardhan says we are selfish that’s why we want you to change according to our son wish but you become like Manushi for him and why you did it. Meet says it can make him fulfill his dream that’s why I did it as his hapiness is linked to everyone’s hapiness. Raj asks what about her happiness. Meet says this is my family too so my hapiness depends on family. Raj blesses her to stay happy. Deep tells to Meet that he is doing so much wrong with Meet Bhabhi and do you know how much it hurts your wife when you’re saying love you Manushi? You’re doing wrong with you and Meet. Meet thanks Maata rani than she thinks she can’t tell to Meet about Manushi breaking her promise to Mom. Meet Ahlawat comes to room and tells to Meet that don’t know whether to thank you or apologize you and I don’t want to see Manushi as she is grey chapter in my life and what I confessed, doesn’t mean it as I love Manushi and I’m not able to control the burning Lava in my heart that’s why I’m not able to make my near ones happy. Meet thinks he needs to get answers from Manushi, so I will ask Mom to take back her promise.

Episode ends

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