Meet 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Meet saves herself from an accident

Meet 2nd June 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet seeing her closet and finds only western clothes, jeans shirts jacket etc. She wonders where are the sarees? Babita calls Meet for having food and Meet comes after wearing t shirt and jeans. Sunaina and Masoom get surprised seeing her in the get up. Sunaina says did Meet forget all kind of decency and she came wearing these weird clothes. Masoom says Meet is doing what she wants and she got the permission too as she will give a heir to the family which Sunaina failed to give. Tej asks Masoom how dare she said that without thinking. Sunaina gets upset.


Meet tells Babita that maybe Meet Ahlawat has misplaced her clothes and she couldn’t find any sarees in the cupboard. Meet Ahlawat replies he didn’t do anything. Babita replies she did it and put comfortable clothes for Meet in the cupboard and from now Meet will wear them only as she was not comfortable in sarees and if anything happens to her or she falters then that would be dangerous for her.

Masoom says Meet should not continue her job then, it wouldn’t be right for her during pregnancy. Babita says Meet should give resign from her job as in this condition she can’t catch criminals or run after them. She should think about her child only. Raj tells her not to be overpossesive. He objects saying in IT companies working mothers manage that way only. They don’t quit their job but they take maternity leaves. Meet also won’t quit but will take leaves. Babita says Meet is the daughter in law of Ahlawats and she doesn’t care about the world but she only cares about Meet and her child.

Babita asks Meet to decide what will she do as many women who were successful in work field have left their jobs for child’s responsibilities then why not Meet. Meet thinks she should also tell her opinion, she says she won’t quit the job but will apply for desk job only and won’t go out for field duty. She will be able to do work and take care of herself too. Raj supports her decision. Raj says for the good news he will make arrangements for special hawan in the house, he asks Meet and her husband to invite the followers of Guruji for the hawan. Babita tells her son to take care of Meet and bring her back safely.

Sunaina tells Ram that she will handle the meeting all alone, Tej wishes best of luck to Ram and Lakhan saying they should be confident and follow his words then surely they will win the cooking competition. Sunaina gets irked and Tej says when the kids will win they will prove they are not less than anyone. Sunaina forgets her laptop and Lakhan gives her that before she could leave. She thought Ram and Lakhan will ask her to drop them to school. Meet Ahlawat drives the car very slowly for Meet’s safety and the latter pulls his cheek seeing his concern. Meet Ahlawat walks with Meet and imagines the future of their child. He says he will be the best father and will give all kind of comfort to his baby. He will gift him/her a car, he will give him/her the freedom to choose any stream. He thinks about college studies of his baby etc. Meet laughs and tells him to slow down as the baby isn’t born yet.

Meet Ahlawat gets delighted and says she will be the strict mother and he goes forward leaving Meet behind. Meet suddenly feels dizzy and holds a wall for support. A watermelon van comes towards her and she saves herself by throwing away a watermelon which was about to hit her. Meet Ahlawat stops the van and gets shocked. Babita panics and doctor checks Meet. Doctor says she is fine and Meet tells Babita that she felt the motherly instinct for the first time. She felt she will save her child anyhow. Babita says that’s a great thing. Meet says they should not worry she is okay. She wonders where is her husband. Raj says he will make arrangements for the hawan when Meet will be fine.

Episode ends

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