Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Meet questions Neelam

Meet 3rd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat waking up from bed and noticing a cake and bouquet on the table. He smiles seeing “I love you” on cake. Meet Ahlawat thinks the cake is from Meet and messages Meet saying he is missing her and asks her to come here. Masum sees Neelam and thinks of the photos she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet’s romance.

Ragini asks Ishani to eat something. Ishani says to Ragini that she is a big drama queen. Babita questions Ishani about how can she talk to Ragini like this. Babita asks Ishani what happened with her that she is this reckless. Ishani asks Babita if she is capable of handling the truth and tries to tell Babita. Ragini intervenes and tells Ishani that she can say to her. Ishani asks if she really cares and leaves from there. Babita says to Ragini she never saw someone her age this angry and with such hate. Ragini says she will take care of Ishani. Babita leaves from there.

Meet sees the cake and thinks it is from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat hugs Meet from the back. Meet Ahlawat thanks Meet for the surprise. Meet says she didn’t plan any surprise for him and says she thought this surprise was his. Masum tries to provoke Neelam by showing the photos that she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Neelam seeing the photos gets anxious and turns into Laila. When Masum stands infront of Neelam showing her back. Laila takes a weapon and tries to stab Masum. But Babita calls Masum and she leaves from there.

Meet decides to asks Neelam if she is the one who brought the cake. Meet Ahlawat says she never felt Neelam thought like that of him. Meet says we should first find out what is in Neelam’s mind.

Meet asks Neelam what she feels for Meet Ahlawat. Neelam doesn’t answer the question and tries to leave from there. Meet Ahlawat says there is no need for her to answer if she doesn’t want it. Meet makes Neelam swear on Meet Ahlawat and asks if she is the one who put the cake and flowers in Meet Ahlawat’s room and asks if she likes Meet Ahlawat. Neelam says she likes Meet Ahlawat and says she tried to control herself but she couldn’t.

Babita comes and asks Meet who is she to ask whether she loves her husband or not. Babita reminds Meet that she is here only because of Raj and says she is ex wife of Meet Ahlawat and says Neelam is the wife of Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat asks Babita not to comment on things she doesn’t know. Babita asks Meet Ahlawat what is the truth? Meet Ahlawat tries to tell the truth but Meet stops him. Masum says to Babita that she saw Meet Ahlawat and Meet getting together. Babita asks Masum to show if she has any proof. Masum says she has photos that she took of Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Masum says she also showed them to Neelam. Neelam denies what Masum said and says Masum didn’t show any photos to her. Masum says she is lying and searches for the photos to show them to Babita. Neelam acts like she fainted and takes Masum’s phone while she fell down. Babita and everyone gets worried about Neelam. Masum sees that there are no photos and says Neelam is acting. Masum says Neelam deleted the photos to save Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Babita says enough, you’re lying Masum not Neelam as a wife will never try to save her husband’s ex wife.

Episode ends.

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