Meet 5th November 2022 Written Update: Laila decides to ruin Meet-Meet Ahlawat’s date night

Meet 5th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet saying to Meet Ahlawat that after talking to Neelam she can’t understand who put the cake and bouquet in his room. Meet says these are difficulties in life. He says he didn’t like it when Babita and Masum are scolding her but he couldn’t do anything. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet why is life so difficult for them as whenever they both try to reach out their hands to live with each other they couldn’t as some person or circumstances will force them to be separated. Meet tries to comfort Meet Ahlawat.

Ram recalls how Ragini got angry on him because of Ishani. Babita comes and asks Ram what is he thinking about? Ram says Ragini has changed after Ishani came and says he suspects her. Babita says Ragini would never hide anything from him and says Ragini might find Isha in Ishani.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet he is worried that they will only uphold wordly responsibility and not their responsibility to each other. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet till how long they have to stay like this? Meet says to Meet Ahlawat everything will be fine. Meet Ahlawat says he is tired and says he decided to tell the truth to the family that they love each other and they want to live together.

Babita says to Neelam that today they do a fast for the well being of the Child and she asks Neelam to also do it. Neelam agrees. Babita asks Meet Ahlawat to come home soon as Neelam is going to Ohi maata ka Vrath. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita that he has to say the truth to her and Raj. Babita asks what is it about? Meet Ahlawat says he will tell her later and goes to the office. Neelam thinks Meet Ahlawat is going to tell the truth about her child.

Meet comes with a gift to Meet Ahlawat’s room looking for him. But she notices that he has gone to the office. Meet thinks whether he remembers what day is today? Meet thinks this is the first time they met and they argued a lot about it. Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat forgot what today is? Meet Ahlawat is shown to be overseeing the decorations for the date night with Meet.

Meet comes and looks in her cupboard and sees there is a dress with a greeting from Meet saying he didn’t forget that today is the first time they met and he invites her on a date. Meet gets a call and she takes it and leaves from there. Neelam comes looking for Meet to talk to her. Neelam sees the dress and the greeting. After Neelam sees the greeting Laila comes out of her and decides to destroy the dress. But Meet comes and takes the dress away. Laila sees this and says to herself she will show Meet what she can do? Meet comes to the place where Meet Ahlawat said.

Meet Ahlawat asks everyone to hide and he also hides along with them to surprise Meet. Meet sees the decorations that Meet Ahlawat prepared and feels elated seeing them. Meet Ahlawat expresses his love to Meet. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet how much important she is to him in a romantic way like saying when he is tired her company would give him encouragement. When Meet Ahlawat and Meet are having a romantic moment. Meet notices a shadow and thinks her suspicion is right someone wants to come between Meet and Meet Ahlawat.

Episode ends.