Meet: Masoom to find Manushi is missing from home.

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Zee TV new show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a fresh concept.

As reported earlier it’s shown Manushi received call from Kunal stating he will die if she won’t meet him at 4pm. Manushi agreed to meet him after his insistance and she made everyone busy at home than she left to meet Kunal. Meet Ahlawat came early to Anubha place and Dadi locked Meet in a room. Meet Ahlawat told them that he came to surprise Manushi as it will become beautiful memory for them in future. Meet founds Meet Ahlawat is marrying her sister and she felt excited thinking he is perfect for her sister. Anubha unlocked the room and tensely informed to Meet that Manushi was missing and they tried to stop Meet Ahlawat saying Manushi was not yet ready but he told them it’s fine if she covered her face. Meet came infront of him like Manushi by covering her face. Meet Ahlwat proposed her by making her wear the ring and he wrote his name in her hand.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness that Rajvardhan will reaches to Anubha place with his family and he asks her to call their daughter in law so they can meet her thsn Anubha looks tensed. Masoom will notice the change in Anubha Nd suspects something is wrong than she goes to Manushi room and finds its empty with bride dress than she plans to cancel the marriage by revealing to everyone that Bride is missing from home. Sunaina hears her plan. Manushi and Kunal will confesses their love and happily hugs eachother and Manushi notices Meet is present at the same place. 

Can Meet brings Manushi to home? Can Masson get successful with her plan? 

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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