Meet: Meet Ahlawat executes his ploy?

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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with an intriguing twist.
As reported earlier it’s shown, The chief terrorist gives a choice to the hostages whoever shoots Meet will be given a free pass from here. Nobody comes forward at first but Meet Ahlawat comes forward after a while.

The terrorists question Meet where did he come from? Meet Ahlawat says when they entered the hospital there was a lot of chaos and he hid in a closet taking that chance. Meet Ahlawat says he wants to go to his wife and says to the terrorists that he will kill anyone who they want him to kill.

The terrorists point to Meet and ask Meet Ahlawat to shoot her. Meet Ahlawat comes to Meet and tells something in her ear. The chief terrorist asks Meet Ahlawat to shoot Meet. Meet Ahlawat first shoots at the switchboard. The light comes after a while.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness The chief terrorist points the gun to Meet Ahlawat and making him shoot Meet saying that he will shoot him if he doesn’t shoot Meet. Meet Ahlawat shoots Meet. Meet gets shot and falls on the ground.

The terrorists check that Meet is dead and asks Meet Ahlawat to take Meet’s body away. Meet opens her eyes after a while. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that you came to save me by putting your life at risk. Meet Ahlawat says she did the right thing by bursting the blood bag that he gave.

It is revealed that Meet Ahlawat says to Meet about how to escape and gave her the blood bag when the lights go off.

Will Meet Ahlawat and Meet be able to save hostages?
All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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