Meet: Meet Ahlawat to take the blame on himself?

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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a high voltage drama. Raj broke ties with Meet Ahlawat for trying to divorce Meet from his life. Therefore he gave his son’s place to Meet and told her to fulfil all the duties. It will be exciting to watch how Meet and Meet Ahlawat will be back together again.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Meet told Raj that only she and Meet Ahlawat know the locker key is present inside his coat pocket. She blindfolded her family members and told them to identify some stuffs correctly and then she gave them the coat to see who touches the coat pocket first to see the key is there or not.

Later Meet declared Babita as the winner of the competition. Meet wondered who might be the thief. Hosiyar checked Masoom that whether she has the stolen money or not. But he found her innocent.

There Meet Ahlawat got bitten by a bee and Neelam, Meet got worried for him. Neelam took out the iron key from his coat pocket to give him releif which shocked Meet. Meet confronted her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness that Neelam will tell the truth to Barfi that she stole the money not Meet. Barfi will make Tej fall down to distract the family members especially Meet. She will send Meet to Neelam’s room to bring a painkiller for Tej but Neelam will lock her up there so that she can’t come out to expose her.

Barfi will provoke Raj to punish Meet for her theft. Meet will somehow come out of the room and will not tell anything to family before the Visarjan. Barfi will go to the hospital for some formalities and Neelam will argue with Meet. She will say she can’t stand Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s closeness anymore.

She wants Meet to get out of the mansion thus she trapped her. Meet will regret for considering her innocent earlier. She will try to expose her but later Meet Ahlawat will take Neelam’s blame on himself. Meet will get shocked.

Will Neelam stop Meet?

Will Meet succeed?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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