Meet: Meet to find the real face of Manushi?

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Zee TV popular show Meet is witnessing an interesting track where Ahlawats face humiliation because of Meet. 

As reported earlier it’s shown, Meet agreed to apologise to Ravi in Panchayat. Later Raj said you understand my son well and I thought he is understanding you but today he proved me wrong and why can’t he see the truth in your eyes. Meet Ahlawat told his Mom that he was seeing the truth in her and she agreed to punishment for me but if she is innocent then I’m doing wrong with her. Meet said Meet Ahlawat cares for your respect so don’t think him, wrong uncle. Raj asked her to take Tt in the next day. Meet went for Tt and she helped some vegetable vendor where Manushi’s goons abducted her. Ahlawat’s faced humiliation in Panchayat as their Bahu didn’t come. Meet escaped from goons and came to Panchayat but there is no one then she got to know that her family faced humiliation then she decided to find the person who’s trapping her. 

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Manushi will talk to someone on phone. Meet comes there on her bike, stands in front of her, and tells her she finds all her wrongdoings. Manushi will tell her then you should know this too that’s your husband will be mine. Meet will ask her to see how will she save her husband from her and she tear Manushi and Meet Ahlawat photo in front of her.

Will Meet be able to save her husband? Can Meet exposes Manushi’s evil intentions?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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