Meet: Meet to take Meet Ahlawat for yatra forcibly?

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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a high voltage drama. Raj broke ties with Meet Ahlawat for trying to divorce Meet from his life. Therefore he gave his son’s place to Meet and told her to fulfil all the duties. It will be exciting to watch how Meet and Meet Ahlawat will be back together again.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Meet requested Raj to forgive Meet Ahlawat but Meet Ahlawat took Neelam’s blame on himself saying he trapped Meet to tarnish her image in the company as he hates seeing her in the house every single day.

Raj misunderstood him and left. Meet questioned him why he saved Neelam and lost the opportunity to get forgiveness from Raj? Ahlawats were in shock knowing what Meet Ahlawat did. Meet tried to expose Neelam but in vain.

She told her that Meet Ahlawat will never love her as she didn’t confess her crime and made him the culprit. Neelam got frustrated and tried committing suicide again by wrapping her head with a plastic. He stopped Neelam and the latter expressed how she fears losing him.

She asked why he didn’t tell the truth to his family? Meet Ahlawat said that he can’t leave her as he is bound to stay in this marriage. Meet thought of finding out what might be the reason.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness that Meet Ahlawat will tell Neelam not to feel insecure as he can’t leave her even if he wants. He will promise her that he will try his best to fulfil his duties towards her as a husband.

Later Isha will ask him about Manish whom she hit that day. Meet Ahlawat will get nervous and will scold her for her adamance. He will tell her to forget Manish as he is fine now. Meet and Isha will decide to visit the hospital to learn about Manish and the mother’s address who lost her son and Meet wants to return her dead son’s pen to her.

Meet will be unaware that it’s the same pen Isha gifted Deep. Barfi will notice the pen and will inform Meet Ahlawat to stop Meet from learning the truth else everything will get ruined. She will also stop Isha from going to the hospital.

Meet Ahlawat will get close to Meet to distract her. He will take the pen without her knowledge. She will ask him what’s his plan? He will lie that he thought she is Neelam. Later he will tell the hospital receptionist to not give any information of Deep to anybody.

Thus, Meet won’t get to know anything. Later on she will think if she leaves with Babita and Raj for yatra then Meet Ahlawat will also leave with Neelam to go to her village. Babita will request her to take Meet Ahlawat to the yatra.

Meet Ahlawat will plan to leave with Neelam but Meet will make him wear handcuff so that he can’t get out of the car. She will be in disguise of the driver.

Will Meet find out the reason?

Will Meet take Meet Ahlawat to yatra?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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