Meet: Will Manushi be able to finish her challenge?

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Zee TV popular show Meet is witnessing an interesting track where Ahlawats face humiliation because of Meet. 

As reported earlier it’s shown, Ragini separated the glued hands of Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Manushi planned to make Meet Ahlawat covers her in his jacket but she fell prey to her plan when he missed in the last woman and some old worker offered to help her but she denied and fell in the mud. Meet teases her then both went to Babita who asked them to challenge each other for the next round regarding Meet Ahlawat. Raj asked the lawyer to keep 75% of his property in Tej and Sunaina’s name. Manushi heard their conversation and thinks to stop her Dad. Meet thought to expose Manushi by knowing about Parth as she doesn’t like to treat Meet Ahlawat as a winning moment and she went to his site and apologized to him with cupcake. He asked her to promise to always be with him. Meet promised him. Meet met Anubha and she asked her if she knew anything about Parth.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Meet will ask Manushi to sit in the front seat of Meet Ahlawat’s car as her next challenge then Manushi says consider it that you have lost it and she will tell Meet Ahlawat that she have put boxes in his car and request him to drop her then he agrees but she will gets shocked seeing there is no front seat.

Will Meet be able to save her husband? Can Meet exposes Manushi’s evil intentions?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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