Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam and Sajeeri to spend Romantic moments together, Sachi witnesses

Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam makes up to Sajeeri for raising his hand, Sajeeri Forgives

Star Plus’s show Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara is garnering views with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to sustain the Drama.

Shivam while coming back from the Office sees Sachi with Rohit. He gets furious as he remembers how she has betrayed him by telling him he is going to London.

Sajeeri gets into the words of Nalini and thinks that it is her room too. She starts setting up the room as she likes.

Shivam comes back to his room and gets furious seeing how his room is changed. He throws everything in anger. He gets lot more Furious seeing the picture.

 Nalini Slaps Shivam

Shivam shouts at Sajeeri and asks her why she kept that picture when Sachi is not their Family. Sajeeri tells him that she is her Friend and requests him to let it be.

Shivam gets furious at Sajeeri and raises his hand to slap her but Nalini slaps him. She lashes out at him for turning out like his Father.

Shivam feels guilty for what he has done and sets up the room like how Sajeeri did. He apologizes to Sajeeri and Nalini. Sajeeri Forgives him.

Shivam decides to make up to Sajeeri after which they both spend some romantic moments together. Sachi witnesses their closeness.

What will happen Next?

Will Shivam ever realise how wrong he is?

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