Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam decides to Divorce Sajeera, Sajeera decides to better Herself

Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam Heart Broken with Sajeera’s Education, breaks Relationship

Star Plus’s show Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara is garnering popularity with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Everyone laughs at Sajeera to which Shivam asks her as to why did she wear two ponytails and greet them like this. He feels Humiliated with her behaviour.

Sajeera tries to tell him that she was tricked into wearing these ponytails and greeting the guests in Japanese to which Shivam denies to hear her. He warns her to be Quite.

Mandira comes to the Photographer and tells him to click the pictures of Mukadam’s Daughter In Law to which he asks her to pose near wine table because of which she falls down.

Shivam feels Humiliated

Everyone laughs at her while Shivam’s friends makes fun of him for getting Married to Sajeera. Sajeera defends herself and compares herself with Urmila offending her.

Mandira then asks her to give speech in English to which Sajeera does only to make them laugh again. She then gives her speech in Hindi.

Sajeera says that she is just Fourth Passed and she doesn’t understand English. Shivam gets Heart Broken knowing this.

Shivam decides to break his Relationship with Sajeera. He decides to give Divorce to Sajeera while Sajeera decides to better Herself to avoid more Humiliation.

What will happen Next?

Will Shivam ever realise Sajeera’s Importance?

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