Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam looses Contract and Reputation, raises hand at Sajeeri

Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara: Shivam Regrets for Marrying an Illiterate, gets a Slap from Nalini

Star Plus’s show Meeta Khatta Pyaar Humara is garnering popularity with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Mandira tells Urmila that they are still not successful because Shivam didn’t yet threw Sajeera out of the House to which Urmila assures her.

Urmila tells Mandira that they should take advantage of the situation and Shivam’s emotions right now to ruin their Relationship.

Shivam asks Sajeera as to why she never told him that she is a fourth pass to which Sajeera tells him that she told him the Night before their Wedding. Shivam gets Furious and leaves from there.

Shivam gets Furious

Shivam has to meet someone important but then he also has to deliver the Food in Time. Urmila tells him that she has arranged the Kitchen for him to cook.

Sajeera decides to help while Shivam denies it but Mandira tells him that he should take help from her. Shivam agree to them and let’s Sajeera help him.

Shivam has to leave and he asks her to pack the food. Mandira mixes egg in the Food while Sajeera packs in News Papers which was mixed with Contract papers as well.

Shivam looses Contract and Reputation both making Mandira and Urmila Successful in their Plans. Shivam Regrets for Marrying an Illiterate as he raises his hand at Sajeeri for which he gets a Slap from Nalini.

What will happen Next?

Will Shivam ever realise Sajeera’s Importance?

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