Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 11th June 2024 Written Update: Saajeeri reach the home alone.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 11th June 2024 Written Update on

  The episode starts with Urmila tells Saajeeri that she wants to send some Shagun for her mother. Saajeeri tells Urmila that she has been missing alot her mother these days. Urmila tells Saajeeri that she wants her to come back home before 7 as per Pandit ji advise. Nalini tells Saajeeri that she and Urmila trust alot on Pandit ji. Urmila tells Saajeeri if she fails to reach home before 7 then she will have to stay in her mother house for 1 month. Urmila bribe the driver to delay Shivam in picking up Saajeeri. Shivam ask Urmila that why she is paying the driver a huge amount. Urmila tells Shivam that the driver has been blessed with a baby girl. Shivam congrats the driver. Urmila tells Shivam that he will have to drop Saajeeri to her mother’s house and have to leave Pune for an immediate meeting. Shivam tells Urmila that how will he return back by the time to pick up Saajeeri. Urmila tells Shivam that she can go for the meeting if he wants. Shivam tells Urmila that he will manage to go Pune and return back fast. Shivam drops Saajeeri to her mother’s house and leave for Pune.

Supriya and Sangeeta gets happy to see Saajeeri. Shivam starts the meeting and he is worry because he will have to leave from here within 1 hour. Saajeeri tells Supriya that she will have to return back home by 7 otherwise she will have to stay in Maiyaka. Sangeeta and Supriya is shock to hear that Saajeeri will have to stay in the Sasural for 1 month. Nalini calls Shivam to ask him have he left or not. Shivam tells Nalini that he has left from the meeting and he will reach to pick Saajeeri within 1 hour. Shivam sits in the car and he learns from the driver that the petrol tank is leaking. Shivam tells the driver to fix the problem and reach home while he will take lift to reach home. It’s has been 6 pm but Shivam has not pick Saajeeri.. Nalini and Saajeeri are worry. Nalini calls Shivam to know the real time update but his phone is not reachable. Saajeeri also calls Shivam but his phone is not reachable. The driver calls Urmila to tell her that the work has been done. Urmila gets happy and began to think that Saajeeri is gone for 1 month. Mandira takes video of Nalini tells her to come back . Mandira calls Saajeeri from Nalini’s phone and she plays the video clip. Saajeeri gets worried and decide to leave alone for the house. Meanwhile Shivam comes with taking lift from the unknown. Saajeeri leave for the home but Supriya is worried because Saajeeri will have to reach homw with Shivam according to the rituals. Shivam runs faster and he has race against time to reach. Shiv continue running while Saajeeri takes an auto for the home and on the other side Shivam catches an auto to Saajeeri’s house.

Urmila gets angry because it’s going to 7 pm and she tells Nalini if she fails to come home then Saajeeri will have to stay for one month in her Maiyaka. Saajeeri walks in the house before 7 . Urmila is shock to see Saajeeri. Nalini is happy to see Saajeeri. Urmila ask Saajeeri that where is Shivam. Saajeeri tells Urmila thatshe comes alone because she got a call from Nalini but Nalini tells Saajeeri that she didn’t call her.

Precap-Urmila gets angry on Saajeeri and she gives the punishment to Saajeeri to stay overnight out of the house.

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