Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 12th June 2024 Written Update: Urmila insults Sajeeri.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nalini tells Saajeeri that she didn’t call her. Urmila starts yelling at Saajeeri for coming home alone and starts taunting Saajeeri. Nalini tells Saajeeri that she didn’t call her and she should ask them before coming. Shivam comes home at the same and he also tells Nalini that he learns from Saajeeri’s mother that she is not well. Mandira tells Urmila that she has call Saajeeri and misguide her. Urmila tells Mandira that her plan is third class. Saajeeri tries to justify but Nalini and Supriya starts yelling at her. Shivam also yells at Saajeeri and tells her that how he reach home with great difficulties.

Priya tells Nalini to allow Saajeeri come inside. Saajeeri tells everyone that she can’t come inside because there is a ritual in which all the married woman have to eat sweet. Urmila tells Saajeeri that she will not say anything because she has insulted them and their rituals. Urmila tells Saajeeri that she will have to stay outside for the whole night. Saajeeri accept her fault and ask for forgiveness. Saajeeri tells Nalini that she is her mother and she don’t anything to happen her. Nalini takes the sweets and starts eating follow by Priya,Anjali and Cheenu. Mandira and Adarsh feel starving when they see the sweets. Adarsh tells Mandira to bring the sweets.

Adarsh and Mandira starts eating the sweets. Urmila sees them eating the sweet and she went to check. Nalini tells Saajeeri to come inside but she tells Nalini that she will only come when Urmila will forgive her. Urmila tells Nalini that she can come inside but first she will eat the sweets first. Urmila takes the sweets and she fell down. Priya calls Shivam that Urmila is not well. Mandira tells Shivam that Urmila has eaten the sweet of Saajeeri’s house. Urmila gains consious and she tells that the sweets are made of low quality of the ghee and dry fruits. Saajeeri tries to justify but Urmila tells that Saajeeri belong from low class and she don’t know the status of our family. Urmila reminds Shivam about Saanch to hurt him.

Vikram gives an award to Urmila for her acting. Urmila tells Vikram that the biggest award for her will throwing Saajeeri out of Shivam’s life and from the house. Saajeeri brings an ayurvedic tea for Urmila to heal her. Urmila thorn the photograph of Shivam and Saajeeri and at the same time Saajeeri arrives with the tea. Saajeeri apologies Urmila and offer her the tea.

Precap-Urmila gives the credit card to Saajeeri and ask her to enjoy. The police arrest Urmila for purchasing unlicensed gun from the credit card

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