Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 30th May 2024 Written Update: Urmila slaps Nalini.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivam assures Sajeeri that her mother will be fine. Sajeeri decides to tell Shivam that she is illiterate but Shivam ignores her and tells her that he wants to eat something. Sajeeri tells Shivam to check his pocket because Sajeeei tells Nalini to keep a sugar free ladoo in his pocket. Shivam eats the ladoo. The doctor tells Saajeeri that her mother is fine and the operation is successful. Sangeeta tells Saajeeri to go because it’s her first day and she will take care of Supriya.

Urmila makes an arrangement to welcome Shivam and Saajeeri will flower and fireworks. Nalini arrives and Urmila asks Nalini where is Shivam and his wife. Shivam comes inside. Urmila asks Shivam where his wife is. Sajeeri walks in. Urmila and Vikram are shocked to see but she didn’t say anything. Mandira thinks that Urmila didn’t say anything. Nalini tells everyone that she will welcome his son and bahu. Nalini went to give the ladoo to Urmila but she slaps Nalini and yells at her. Vikram and Urmila yell at Nalini and tell ls her that how dare she be a low class girl to the family. Nalini tells Urmila that she didn’t do without her permission.

Shivam waits in his room. Saajeeri feels shy to enter the room. Shivam tells Saajeeri to come otherwise he will take her in his arm but actually it’s Reha who is standing behind Sajeeri. Reha tells Shivam that she came to give a card to her Mami. Nalini tells Urmila that she has inform her about the wedding but she tells Nalini that she will throw Sajeeri out of the house in next 6 months because Shivam loves Saanchi. Urmila blames Nalini for destroying his son and grandson’s life.

Sajeeri decides to tell the truth to Shivam but Shivam thinks that Sajeeri wants to apologise for hurting her. Sajeeri learns from Sangeeta that her mother is fine and she will gain consciousness tomorrow morning. Sangeeta tells Sajeeri that Saanchi didn’t pick up her call because her mother tells her to avoid her.

Nalini tells Urmila that Saanchi hates Shivam then Urmila tells Nalini that Shivam hates Sajeeri. Nalini justify that Saajeeri is perfect for Shivam. Vikram tells Nalini that his son will make Saajeeri’s life hell just like him. Nalini hopes that her son is not like his husband.
Sajeeri wants to tell the truth but Shivam tells her that he wants to sleep and he asks her to text him.

Precap-Sajeeri’s first day in Sasural and she is in the kitchen to make something special. Urmila is determined to throw Sajeeri out of the house.

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