Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Shivam gets angry on Sajeeri

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivam drags Saajeeri in a corner. Shivam tells Saajeeri that she is making fun of him in the party with two pony tails. Shivam tells Saajeeri that he has set two rules for her first don’t utter a word and second stay away from him. Saajeeri tries to say Shivam that she was told to greet in Japanese by Mandira but Shivam didn’t listen her and ask her to stay quiet in the party. Shivam walks away and Saajeeri feels disgrace.

Mandira tells the photographer to take the picture of Saajeeri who is the new Bahu of Mukadam’s. The photographer insists Saajeeri for the picture. Saajeeri don’t want to give any pictures to him but the photographer forcre Saajeeri. Saajeeri agrees to click the picture. The photographer tells Saajeeri to stand behind a table which is decorated with wine and glasses. The photographer tries to adjust Saajeeri behind the table but suddenly the high heels breaks and Saajeeri collides with the table. Saajeeri fells down.

Shivam’s friends starts making fun of Saajeeri and Shivam. One of Shivam’s friends tells Shivam that he has rejected her for this two pony tails girl who don’t have dressing sense and the way of walking with high heels. Nalini and Priya helps Saajeeri. Saajeeri answer the girl very respectfully that she is capable to stand on her own feets and she is not dependent of her family’s assets or money and if any bad times come then she can stand with her family. Saajeeri gives the example of Urmila Mukadam. Everyone claps for Saajeeri and the girl walks away. Urmila gets angry because Saajeeri took her name and try to differentiate with her. Mandira holds Saajeeri and remind her to give the speech.

Shivam tells Saajeeri that she will not give any speech but Mandira tells Shivam that Saajeeri is confident and allow her to speak. Saajeeri reads the speech and she remembers that the speech is change. Everyone tells Saajeeri to read the speech. Saajeeri reads the speech which is in english and the people starts making fun of Saajeeri. Shivam tells Saajeeri if she don’t know how to speak in english then she why she is speaking. Saajeeri tells Shivam that she is just class four pass from a government school. Shivam gets broken.

Saajeeri apologies everyone that she can read the speech in this paper but she don’t need word to express her feelings. Saajeeri tells everyone that she is lucky and proud to be in Mukadam’s family. Saajeeri gives compliments to everyone in the family respectfully. Saajeeri tells everyone that her Saas is her second mother to him. Saajeeri tells everyone that she will adjust soon in this family and Shivam is her best friend. Saajeeri thanks Shivam for making her part of the family and she promises that she will try her best to do well in future. Priya compliments Saajeeri for her speech. Everyone claps and compliments for her speech.

Precap-Shivam gets angry on Saajeeri

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