Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 6th June 2024 Written Update: Shivam realises his mistakes

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivam seeing Saanchi with Rohit in the road and he starts remembering the moments she broke his heart. Shivam remembers that Saanchi told him that she is going to London but she lied to him.

Mandira starts throwing things in anger. Mandira tells Urmila that she has insulted her. Urmila tells Mandira that she has handled the situation otherwise she will be thrown out of the house. Mandira apologizes for her mistake.

Saajeeri realizes that Nalini is right and it’s her room also so she decides to decorate the house accordingly to her. Saajeeri brings out the photographs of her family and Saanchi. Saajeeri places a photo frame in the wall of her and Saanchi. Saajeeri starts getting ready for dinner. Shivam drives fast to follow Saanchi and lucky he saves himself for a collision to a truck. Shivam arrives home at 7’o clock. Shivam sees that his room arrangements have changed and he starts yelling at Saajeeri.

Shivam starts asking Saajeeri in anger about her stuff in the room. Shivam starts throwing Saajeeri’s clothes and accessories in the room and he tells that it’s his room. Shivam gets more angry when he sees the wall in which Saajeeri puts the photographs. Saajeeri tells Shivam that the photos were in almirah so she decides to put them on wall. Shivam tells Saajeeri that she put the photos of the family but Saanchi is not a family member. Shivam tells Saajeeri to throw the photo of Saanchi outside the house.
Saajeeri stops Should hands. Shivam raises his hands to slap Saajeeri but Nalini stops him and slaps him. Nalini tells Shivam that he is about to slap his innocent wife and that is totally wrong. Vikram claps and starts appreciating Shivam. Vikram tells Shivam that he has proven Vikram’s son.

Vikram tells Nalini that she can’t change his son. Vikram tells Shivam that it’s good to control the wives. Saajeeri apologizes to Vikram and she starts telling the importance of women to Vikram. Saajeeri talks in mummering tone and tells Vikram that real men always respect women and don’t hurt her. Vikram tells Shivam to control his wife like he controls his mother otherwise Saajeeri will taunt him for the lifetime. Nalini walks away. Saajeeri feels broken. Nalini feels guilty because she slaps Shivam for the first time because he was about to make a mistake but still she thinks why she has slapped him. Nalini because helpless and starts hurting herself.

Saajeeri stops her and throws the ruler from her hand. Saajeeri condoles Nalini and Shivam comes to apologise for Nalini. Nalini tells Shivam that he must apologise Saajeeri because he was about to slap her wife and he is about to become like his father. Nalini tells Shivam to apologize to her wife and then only she will forgive him. Saajeeri gives an ointment to Shivam to apply it on Nalini’s hand but Nalini denies ans tells him that he must realise what he has done.

Urmila tries to take advantage of the situation but Shivam tells Urmila that his mother has the right to slap him.
Shivam sees that Saajeeri has set the room according to him. Shivam takes the photo frame from Saajeeri’s hand and puts it on the wall.

Precap-Shivam’s client tries to misbehave with Saajeeri but Shivam slaps him.

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