Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th June 2024 Written Update: Shivam slaps Mathur

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivam coming to apologize to Saajeeri but Urmila stops him. Urmila tells Shivam that his client is coming to sign the deal and he is coming to the house to sign it.

Priya explains Saajeeri about the kitchen appliances. Priya tells Saajeeri that we must follow what we have to do. Shivam wants to apologise Saajeeri but she walks away. Urmila tells Saajeeri to take care of the client. Urmila tells Saajeeri that she will not tell the client that she is Shivam’s wife. Saajeeri tells Urmila that she wants Shivam to get lost in business. Urmila tells Saajeeri to wear the saree of her mayka in front of the client.

Mr Mathur comes to renew the contract with Shivam. Saajeeri offers the snacks to Mr Mathur but Mr Mathur is a very bad man and he has bad eyes on Saajeeri. Mr Mathur wants to meet Shivam’s wife but Urmila turns the topic. Saajeeri walks away. Mathur wants to wash his hands and he goes to the kitchen. Mathur tells Saajeeri that he wants water and starts misbehaving with Saajeeri in the kitchen. Mathur holds Saajeeri’s hand and tries to drag her. Saajeeri throws the water on Mathur’s face and Shivam watches everything from behind.

Shivam walks towards Mathur in anger and slaps Mathur. Shivam starts beating Mathur for touching Saajeeri. Mathur tells Shivam that his maid has misbehaved with him. Saajeeri tells Shivam that Mathur tries to harrash him. Mathur tells Shivam that he is cancelling the contract. Shiavm tells Mathur that Saajeeri is not a maid and she is his wife. Shivam tells Mathur that he will fight for anyone with him. Shivam drags Mathur and throws him out. Urmila asks Shivam that why has done this. Shivam tells Urmila that he will not allow anyone to misbehave with his wife for a contract deal and he is ready to lose many deals for his wife. Shivam walks away. Nalini feels proud. Vikram and Urmila feel disgraceful.

Saajeeri thinks about Shivam wheb he fights for her. Shivam apologizes to Saajeeri for misbehaving with her and also for Mathur. Shivam tells Saajeeri to keep her clothes in the cloth racks. Saajeeri gets hurt and Shivam gives an ointment to Saajeeri. Supriya calls Saajeeri to ask about her. Saajeeri hears from behind that her mother is cancelling a big order. Saajeeri tells Supriya to take the order because she will come to make the order. Saajeeri tells Surpriya to give the list to her and she will convince Shivam to allow her to come.
Urmila cancels the kitty party in the house.

Vikram reminds Urmila about her promise to throw Saajeeri out of the house. Vikram tells Urmila that they will only celebrate after Saajeeri leaves the house. Saajeeri comes to take permission from Urmila to go home to help her mother. Vikram tells Saajeeri that she can’t go because she is now Mukadam’s Bahu. Saajeeri tells Vikram that her mother is I’ll and she can’t make the food. Vikram allows Saajeeri to go and taunts her for insulting the reputation of the family. Saajeeri walks away. Urmila stops Saajeeri and tells her that she can’t go.

Precap-Shivam sees a girl running a food stall in front of his office and he thinks that she is Saajeeri.z Shivam runs after her but she escapes.

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