Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 8th June 2024 Written Update: Urmila plans to humiliate Sajeeri

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urmila telling Saajeeri that she can’t go to help her mother because she has called some guests to meet her so she will have to stay. Nalini tells Saajeeri that she can cook the food from here only. Urmila tells Saajeeri that our guests don’t eat oily food so she ask Nalini to tell her how to make diet food. Vikram tells Urmila that he was sending Saajeeri back to her home but she stops here.

Nalini went to give some clothes to Saajeeri which she can wear in front of the guest. Someone enters Shivam’s room and takes Saajeeri’s saree from the wardrobe and it’s Anjali who did this on Urmila’s order
Shivam leaves from his office and he saw a girl who is looking alike Saajeeri. A few people start saying that she is Shivam’s wife who is running a food stall. Shivam runs after her but she runs faster than Shivam and it’s Anjali.

Shivam arrives home and starts yelling at Saajeeri. Shivam tells Saajeeri that she is running a food stall outside the office premises. Saajeeri ask Shivam that how he is confirm about her. Shivam tells Saajeeri that he saw her in the same dress with two pony tails but he didn’t see her face.

Saajeeri tells Shivam that she will not lie to him and if she should have to do this then she can run from anywhere. Urmila’s guest wants to meet Saajeeri. A girl calls Anjali who is look alike of Saajeeri and she wants her payment to be made otherwise she will come inside the house. Saajeeri saw the girl and ask her did she runs a food stall outside the Mukadam’s office. The girl admits Saajeeri that she runs a food stall but in someone’s order. Saajeeri ask the name. Urmila sees them talking. Shivam arrives and see the girl. Saajeeri ask again to the girl that who told her to run the stall. Anjali sends the money quickly and the girl change the topic. The girl tells Saajeeri that she wants to talk the owner. Urmila tells Saajeeri that she call her and she warn the girl to stay away from the office premises.

Saajeeri ask the girl that how she get the same saree and pony tails. The girl tells Saajeeri that this saree is common in the market and there is not crime to keep pony tails. Shivam tells Urmila that he scolds Saajeeri again but he can’t do this further.
Saajeeri fills the oil in the pan to cook and leave to serve the guest. Urmila enters the kitchen and throw the oil. Urmila mix some substance in the oil which burn samosa. Mandira tells Urmila that she can say her to do this. Saajeeri comes back to the kitchen and she fills the oil in the pan but suddenly the pan catches fire.

Precap-Shivam wants to help Saajeeri to complete the order.

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