Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th June 2024 Written Update: Shivam helps Sajeeri

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th June 2024 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saajeeri getting back. Shivam comes and saves her. Shivam makes Saajeeri away from the kitchen .Shivam asks how did this happen, you should have switched off the gas. Nalini says her hands got burnt, stop it. Shivam says I will apply the cream, sit down. Nalini says Shivam can’t see Saajeeri’s sorrow. Priya says yes. Shivam gets sad. Priya applies the cream. Vikram comes and looks on. Priya asks Saajeeri to take rest. Saajeeri says I have to complete her mother’s order. Shivam says I will pay the loss, go and take rest. Saajeeri says the client will get into problem, I have to fulfill the order. Shivam ask the menu because he will cook everything,Shivam tells Saajeeri that I am a chef, I can cook well. Saajeeri says let it be.

Saajeeri tells Shivam that he  don’t know how the locality people like the food, you have rich status. Shivam calms down. Shivam says Saajeeri to forget everything, tell me what to do. Shivam asks Saajeeri to tell him. Saajeeri tells him the dish name. Saajeeri says I will guide you, but can you make it. Shivam makes the food. They have a moment. Saajeeri thinks of the past and smiles. The chilli goes in his eyes. She cares for him. Urmila says party is over, Sajeeri might be sitting somewhere. She sees Shivam cooking the food. Nalini says she is making Shivam dance on her tune. She asks what’s all this, you are making Shivam work. Shivam says its fine. Urmila angrily goes to Vikram. Vikram scolds Nalini and asks did you steal money from my wallet, I don’t get peace in this house, I will party tonight and don’t come home on time, don’t wait for me. Vikram leaves. Nalini cries. Shivam packs the tiffins. Sajeeri thanks him. He says don’t be formal. He gets a call. He says I will drop the tiffins at your house. She smiles.

Its night, Saajeeri waits for Shivam. She calls him. She gets shocked seeing Vikram coming home with a girl. Vikram says I will show you my room. Nalini sees him. She asks who is this girl. He says she is your Sautan, get away. She says you can’t take anyone to my room. Vikram pushes her away. Saajeeri comes and holds her. She says I should talk to him, he is doing wrong. Nalini says it will be a drama, if Shivam knows this, then it will be a disaster.

Shivam comes home. Nalini says this isn’t anything new, I m habitual to see this, don’t tell Shivam about it, don’t know what will he do in anger. Shivam gets a Mortar and pestle and says thanks Saajeeri, this gives more flavours and taste to the spices. Nalini says I can slap Shivam and rectify his mistake, but I can’t explain my husband, I don’t want their relation to turn bad, you won’t tell anything to Shivam, promise me. The girl leaves. Shivam sees her. Nalini worries.

Precap-Saajeeri lies to Shivam to save Vikram. Shivam  scolds Saajeeri for supporting Vikram.

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