Mehendi Wala Ghar: What? Mauli to get arrested?

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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehendi Wala Ghar is now focusing on the legal problems of mehendi wala Ghar. Amit Trivedi will threat the members of the Janki wala Ghar that he will smash it with his bulldozer. Mauli will run in front of the house to stop them but they don’t have any legal proof to resist the procedure. Mauli and Rahul will try their best to save the mehendi wala Ghar. But will mehendi wala ghar

In the current episode, Amit understands that Mehndi wala Ghar was frauding against him. Mauli and Rahul immediately try to escape from the place, but the security catches Mauli. The police comes arrests Mauli and takes her to the police station.

Rahul meets an advocate for the bail of Mauli. It’s not possible for him to give the bail in the same day because it takes some time to fulfill all the legal procedures. The judge denies to give any order to him but Rahul begs the judge touching his feet, and insists him to give the judgement.

Rahul exaggerates the qualities and disposition of Mauli, he believes that Mauli could anything and everything for Mehendi Wala Ghar. The judgement understands that Rahul has fallen for Mauli but Rahul couldn’t able to believe this.

In the next episode, Mauli will be send to the prison but Rahul will try his best arranging the balls. Later, Amit Trivedi will come in the Mehndi wala Ghar to destroy the house along with a JCP.

Will Mauli able to save the house?

To know how Mauli deals with Amit Trivedi, keep watching Mehndia Wala Ghar.