Meher and Sarabjeet chases the thief at Serbia: Choti Sardarni

Show Choti Sardarni is witnessing Meher and Sarabjeet’s spending time at Serbia. Param too accompanies the duo on the trip.

Meher and Sarabjeet lands at the airport and Meher’s luggage get exchanged with someone. Sarabjeet makes fun of Meher after her luggage gets exchanged, as she has tied the handkerchief on the luggage to recognize it. Param ask Sarabjeet not to laugh. Ahead, Meher changes her clothes and wore Sarbajeet’s shirt and decked herself beautifully. Param gets mesmerized seeing Meher and praises her. Other side, Dolly gets to know about Meher and Sarabjeet’s Serbia trip and thinks of a plan to ruin their happiness.

There, Sarabjeet meets his uncle and he asks him to accompany him to his house instead of staying at the hotel. Later, Parminder enters and asks Sarabjeet why he married a desi-girl like Meher. Sarabjeet’s uncle asks Parminder to accompany them too.

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Now in the upcoming episode will see, Meher and Sarabjeet will be in trouble after thief will snatch Meher’s bag. Meher will worry for her documents.

Meher and Sarabjeet’s Serbia trip will begin on a sour note when a thief steals Meher’s bag. Afterwards, when the duo will decide to chase the thief, he will hold Meher at the gunpoint.

Now it will be interesting to watch what more will happen in the show.

Do Sarabjeet will be able to save Meher? Do Meher and Sarabjeet will fall for each other? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors TV.

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