Meher gets kidnapped in Serbia? Choti Sardarni

Show Choti Sardarni is continuously winning the hearts of the audiences. Show is fetching the good ratings every week and is topping the TRP chart.

The latest episode of the show is focusing on the honeymoon track of Meher and Sarabjeet. Sarabjeet plans a foreign trip for Meher with a hidden motive.  Here, before leaving Meher cries for Param. She spends time with Param and Sarabjeet ask her to meet her family so that they can leave. Param wakes up from the sleep and cries for Param. There, Meher gets restless for Param. Param tricks the housemates and hides himself in Sarabjeet’s cargo and reaches the airport. Param enters the airport. He cries and announces and says to Meher and Sarabjeet that they cheated him and fooled him. He asks the duo not to go without him. Sarabjeet wonders how Param reached airport. Meher ask Sarabjeet if they can take Param too with them. Sarabjeet agrees and ask his manager to book Param’s ticket too along with them.

Now in the upcoming twist will see, Param, Meher and Sarabjeet will spend quality time together. Ahead, some will attack Meher.

Meher, Sarabjeet and Param will arrive in Serbia for their much-awaited trip. They will decide to keep their animosity aside and will enjoy the trip to the fullest. Ahead, at cruise Meher will look out for Sarabjeet and Param and will not find the duo. A mask man will keep Meher on knife point.

Do Meher will be kidnapped or Sarab will save her? Well, don’t miss watching the show to get the answer and stay tuned with us to read the full written update of Choti Sardarni episodes.