Meher reunited with Sarab and Kids, Mahasangam Episodes ahead: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

Meher reunited with Sarab and Kids, Mahasangam Episodes ahead: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler
Meher reunited with Sarab and Kids, Mahasangam Episodes ahead: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing reunion track of Meher, Sarabjit and their kids. In the upcoming episodes, Meher’s kids will stand as a shield for her against Harleen.

In the current track, Harleen brought unconscious Sarab back to house. Kids got worried seeing his condition. Harleen gave Sarab’s responsibility to Samaira. Samaira got happy with it and shared happiness with unconscious Sarab, but the latter continuously took Meher’s name.

Meher reached Gill Mansion making her kids happy. Harleen tried to stop her Meher with determination told her that she has all rights to stay with Sarab and her kids. Meher made Harleen recall that how last year after her release she asked Meher to stay away from Sarab and Gills and referred her as a killer.

Harleen said she will make Sarab marry Samaira. She even asked security to throw Meher out but Meher’s kids came in between as Meher’s shield. They welcomed her warmly. Kids happily went to inform Sarab about Meher’s return.

Harleen showed Meher her pictures with Kaul and told her to stay with him only as Sarab’s engagement happened with his own wish. Meher tore those photos and confronted Harleen that Sarab never suspected her. Samaira and Meher talk and try to understand each other’s present feelings.

Samaira assured Meher that she didn’t felt bad as Sarab loves Meher only. Meher made Sarab smile with her entry into his room. Meher, Sarab and kids happily hug each other. Seher got emotional seeing Sarab, while hugged Karan and Param with love.

In the episodes ahead, Sarab will be seen walking to Seher making her jump with joy. He hug and kiss her with love. Next Kulwant will be seen making a drama outside Gill Mansion with some women in white attire behind her. She will scream to Meher, that she wishes that there should be no one to take her husband and her kids name. Meher will get angry and ask what drama is she making?

Kulwant in anger will say that it’s not a drama but a big trouble. Meher will threaten her that it’s not her request but a warning. She will blew the red chili powder/red colour on Kulwant as well as her supporters.

Colors recently released a video which shows that Meher will soon help/support Siddhi in Bawara Dil and Choti Sarrdaarni’s Mahasangam Episodes that will be telecasted from 5th to 8th March at 10:30 PM on Colors and any time on Voot. See the link below for promo:

Will Meher be able to get Sarabjit Justice? What will be her reaction knowing that Kulwant tried killing Sarabjit? Will Meher be able to stop Kulwant’s drama as well as her evilness? Will she able to prove her innocence to Dhillons and Harleen?

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