Meher to help Siddhi, New Entry Ahead: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing reunion track of Meher, Sarabjit and their kids. In the upcoming episodes, it will be worth to watch how Meher will save her family from Kulwant and marriage from Harleen.

In the current track, Meher regretted for hurting Kulwant and apologised to god. Kids demanded different dishes from Meher and hugged her with Sarab. Kulwant recalled Meher’s words and discussed some plan to trouble her kids with Yuvi.

Meher entered Kitchen and found place of ingredients changed. Harleen too entered kitchen and taunted Meher saying, “That many things changed in five years and in Sarab’s life too. Meher gave her a stern reply that her handmade food’s taste didn’t changed which her family loves.

All three kids in school uniform and whole family sat on dining table for breakfast. Harleen scold Seher seeing her table manners. Samaira went to give coffee to Sarab and tried kissing seeing him sleeping. But she failed kissing as Meher came back to get her phone.

Samaira left and Sarab got romantic with Meher. Seher seemed nervous for going to new school. Meher tried motivating her and asked her to inform Param and Karan if she face any problem.

Seher got excited seeing new and bug car. Harleen came to give Param the notebook he forgot. Seher while enjoying cars features by mistake closed the window on Harleen’s hands hurting her. Harleen scold her and Seher apologised to her on Meher’s saying.

Meher dropped the kids in school. Kulwant showed them to Yuvi and told him that they have to take revenge from them.

In the upcoming episode, Yuvi will target Seher and write, “My Mother is a Killer” on her arm. Other will too make a crowd around her and make fun of her. Param and Karan will try to save their sister from Yuvi but some of Yuvi’s supporters will not let them. Seher will get troubled mentally with all this and run to a classroom and lock it and cry profusely.

As per sources some new kid actors have made an entry and one of them is Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bharifame Purvi Mishra. She may become one of Seher’s good friends. See Pic:

As we reported earlier from 5th to 8th March there will be Mahasangam episodes of Choti Sarrdaarni and Bawara Dil. Meher will be seen helping Siddhi to take revenge from Shiva. See the link below for teaser:

How will Meher handle mentally troubled Seher? Will Param, Karan and Meher teach a lesson to Yuvi and Kulwant for what they did with Seher? To what limits will Kulwant and Harleen go to trouble Meher? Will Samira become negative and cross her limits?

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