Meher to prove her loyalty: Choti Sardarni

Drama is high in Colors show Choti Sardarni.

So far in the show it is seen, Meher withdraws money from Sarab’s account and Sarab follows Meher to find out the truth why she withdrew so much of amount. He further tries to confront Meher but Meher lies to him.

Ahead, Meher looks at Manav’s box and recalls her moments with Manav. She cries recalling her past. Sarab too opens Manav’s box and gets confused seeing property papers.

Later, Meher and Sarab fight over Param. Meher says to Sarab that Param will not miss school but Sarab says that Param will go with him to the airport.

Meher and Sarab argue and Param gets angry with the duo.

Meher and Sarab pretends in front of Param that they patch up but Param thinks he is not fool to understand that Meher and Sarab is still fighting. Other side, Amrita gets to know that Kulwant has fixed Bittu’s alliance with Pinky and not with the girl Bittu loves. Kulwant asks Amrita and others not to reveal Bittu about the same until she orders.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Dolly will accuse Meher for withdrawing money from Sarab’s account.

Sarabjeet will find himself in a sticky situation, as he is torn between Param and Meher and he is forced to choose his loyalties between the duo. Here, Param will say to Sarab that he knows they are still fighting, that is why he is standing alone.

There, Meher will call and will tell to her sister-in law about gift she has purchased for Yuvi. Sarab will over hear her talk and will misunderstand her.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch. Stay tuned with us to read the full written updates of Choti Sardarni episodes.

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