Meher’s Shocking Actions Leave Everyone Stunned

As Meher’s car is engulfed in flames, everyone is in shock at her actions. Meher leaves, walking out from the main gate. The manager, trying to please Meher, gets a tight slap on his face and feels done with her now as he has been humiliated enough.

The manager plans revenge on Meher. Haaniyan is upset with Meher but still defends her by pleading with her mother not to say anything to her. Everyone in the office is angry and disappointed with Meher because of the harsh words she directed at Sarab.

Sarab still tries to manage the workers, and Haaniyan also comes in for support. Aasma is extremely angry with Meher. Meher is also hurt, but her anger overpowers the goodness in her.

The next morning, Haaniya gives Meher the cold shoulder because of the previous night. Everyone in the family is upset with her, especially Sukhi, except for Rano, who loves her dearly and always covers up for her.

In the office, Meher makes an announcement about an order they have received, and while she is explaining, Sarab notices heavy machinery about to fall on Meher. He runs to her rescue and saves her, but instead of being thankful, Meher slaps him.

Meher’s Shocking Actions Leave Everyone Stunned

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