Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 13th April 2021 Written Update: Raghav plans to destroy Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 13th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vijay says because of Raghav rao our family’s happiness and reputation is at stake. Sharda says Raghav came here to tell who done the abortion. Vijay tells but Pallavi didn’t let Raghav tell the truth. They wonders who Pallavi trying to protect. Then Sharda, Asha and Pallavi’s friend gets a mysterious call then they goes somewhere.

In the hospital someone goes to doctor’s cabin to destroy the proof. All Deshmukh family enters the cabin. The person goes behind the curtain. Raghav asks the person to come outside otherwise he will go and bring her outside it will be a double embarassment. Pallavi asks him to stop. Sharda stops Pallavi saying let everyone knows the truth. The mysterious person comes outside and removes her mask. Everyone shocked to see it’s Amruta. Raghav goes to Amruta and says what you done? try to destroy the proof but the real report is with him. Raghav says now the family is completed. Vijay asks whats happening.

Raghav thanks Asha for listening to Farhad words and coming here. Pallavi tries to interrupt Raghav but he shuts her up saying today leave for u giving lectures. Raghav says no one from this family will believe me that’s why I decide to bring the truth in my style. Also Raghav says he intentionally told the report is in cabin and he knows Amruta will come. Amruta goes to Sulochana and says she hasn’t done anything. Sulochana takes the report from Rahhav’s hand and says ‘ there are so many people in Hyderabad do fake reports’ Raghav says ‘Exactly and you know very well’.

Then Raghav says Sulochana it’s her wish to destroy Pallavi but there is no need to bring his name. Raghav calls Farhad and he brings the Doctor. Doctor tells everyone Amruta is the one who done the abortion. Raghav asks who asked you to frame Pallavi in this. Doctor Keerthana says Sulochana also she says Sulochana helped me with my education loan in return she asked me this huge favor instead of saying no i agreed to do all this. And doctor apologises to Pallavi.

Sulochana says doctor is telling lie she must be get some money from Raghav. Raghav says okay we will check the CCTV. Both Sulochana and Amruta looks scared. Raghav tells Pallavi he don’t want his name to be involved with her in any way and he hates it. Pallavi says to Raghav today he may bring out the truth but he done the biggest mistake by doing this and she will punish him for that. Raghav smirks and laugh and go outside.

Later in Deshmukh’s house, Sharda asks Sulochana it’s okay as a mother she tries to save Amruta Sulochana how could she do this to Pallavi just to make Pallavi to leave the house. Asha asks Sulochana how much she stoop low and put a blame on innocent. Also she asked about blackmailing doctor. Sulochana says it’s a misunderstanding but Mansi is a good girl and she will be a Good daughter in law too. Asha says Mansi will become good daughter in law when this marriage takes place, and there will be no marriage.

Pallavi says to Asha, it has nothing to do with Mansi. Milind says may be he is not a good father but Mansi is a good girl. Mansi comes and says it is what happens when people like Sulochana is their mother. Sulochana says Mansi she did everything for Mansi and Amruta to get a good life and she will do anything to make Asha agree to this marriage. Mansi replies this is what her problem, and she is ashamed of calling her Sulochana as mother. Mansi further goes and apologises to Rahul and says she will only get married to him when Asha agrees.

Sulochana goes to the room and reminisces whatever happens Amruta comes there and apologises to her and says she never know Raghav do such things. When Sulochana looks angry Amruta says why she looking at her that way, she told everything to her already. Sulochana beats Amruta. Pallavi, Sharda, Milind opens the door and seperates Sulochana from Amruta. When Pallavi tries to say something, Sulochana starts accusing her saying that Pallavi promised to destroy her relationship with her daughter and succeed in it. Then Sulochana took a knife, puts it in Pallavi’s hand and asks her to kill. Milind slaps Sulochana.

Episode ends.

Precap: Raghav gets a call and says what happened to amma. Later Farhad tells Raghav Pallavi will not do such things. Raghav says he will destroy the entire Deshmukh for doing this to him. Vijay throws Pallavi out of the house.

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