Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 13th May 2021 Written Update: Krishna agrees to help Raghav to find the culprit

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Keerti thinks about the stranger and worries then she gets a call from her boyfriend Sunny but she saw Raghav and says to Sunny that she will talk to him later. Raghav says that whatever happened to her should not have happened. Keerti wonders that Raghav is saying all this is this because of he got to know about what happened in the road and worries there are so many people so someone might have told him.

Sharda says that she have only 1000 rupees and says today if my daughter Pallavi is there then they don’t have to face all these but because of someone’s anger and stubbornness they have to go through this and looks at Vijay. Vijay says that girl came here few years back and now she left, before she entered our life also he is the one who taken care of everyhing now also he will take care of everything. Raghav says to Keerti everythimg happened because of the pictures and he want one of the picture.

Keerti goes to take the photo. Vijay receives a credit alert of Rs.10000 from bank, Milind comes there and says that he is the one who transferred. Sharda thanks him for helping them. Milind says that they are also his family and then he gets a message from bank. Vijay transfers the money and says to Milind that he already helping them a lot and Sulochana is also right that they have to equally contribute and he will do it then leaves the room.

Sharda says when Pallavi is here there is so much happiness now everything is gone. Nikhil comes to the house with groceries and gives the profit to Sharda. Nikhil says today he went to the shop. Sharda says if Pallavi is here then she must have been so happy. Nikhil says Pallavi is with them only. Sharda asks Nikhil to pay the rent like before. Vijay comes there and asks Nikhil why he went to the shop as he already given the shop keys to Raghav.

Nikhil asks Vijay what is his problem they will pay him rent. Vijay tries to throw the groceries, Sharda pulls him away and asks him to open his eyes which is blindfolded by anger. Vijay says that Sharda is the one who falling in Pallavi’s trap and leaves the room. Sulochana sees everything.

Raghav sits in his room with a person who is checking from whose mobile Keerti’s picture has been taken. Farhad comes there and asks Raghav’s sign in some cheques and asks Raghav who is that guy. Raghav says he is here to find the real culprit. Farhad says that means even he agrees that Pallavi isn’t the one who behind these all. Raghav says that Human beings or neither good nor bad it’s the situation that made them as a good or bad person. The guy says that he find out whose mobile is that. Raghav looks at the laptop and says that Whoever is having this mobile is the real culprit. Milind tries to change his battery.

Sulochana taunts him. Sharda comes there and gives Keer to Milind and says to Sulochana as she asked today Nikhil earned his own money and leaves the place. Sulochana says to Milind that his daughters are not doing anything. Milind says that she never let him act like a father to their daughters so it’s her responsibility and leaves. Sulochana says that she wants to destroy Pallavi but seems like she is Happy and now she needs to do something.

Krishna comes to meet Farhad and Raghav and asks them why they called her here. Raghav says to Krishna to find whose mobile phone is that. Krishna says just because she called Raghav yesterday as his brother in law it doesn’t mean that he can order her and says that she isn’t his secretary. Farhad says to Krishna this will help to prove Pallavi is innocent and explains everything to her.

Raghav asks why she is thinking this much. Krishna says that she needs Nikhil’s help. Raghav says then take his help and leaves. Krishna says to Farhad that she is helping them only because she wants to prove Pallavi innocent. Krishna calls Nikhil. Raghav stops and looks at Krishna. Farhad asks Raghav what happened. Raghav says to Farhad that in the beginning Krishna is too scared of him and says now after his marriage there is no respect he is getting and asks Farhad to not to marry.

Sharda says to Milind that Vijay had not had any food since the night saying its Pallavi’s money. Milind tells Sharda that he will talk to Vijay. Milind asks Vijay where is he going. Vijay taunts Sharda and says that he is going to sell sarees and leaves the place. Raghav sees Vijay on the road and goes to talk to him.

Raghav says that he and Pallavi is too stubborn and asks him to drink water otherwise in the end of the evening he will be in grave. Vijay says that he will rather go to grave than drink water from his hand. Raghav asks Vijay to become a businessman like him and then show his attitude. Raghav gives biscuit to Vijay and asks him to eat and says he is doing all this only because Vijay came out of the hospital recently only and says to him not to be so egoistic which is not good for anyone and leaves.

Nikhil follows Sulochana once she gets inside the bathroom and checks her phone and find the model number is different and wonders who it is. Nikhil then sees Amruta and hides behind the door. Amruta says to Sulochana that her new mobile cover is here and she transferred all the pictures documents to her new mobile. Nikhil leaves the room hurriedly and checks the dustbin and finds the old mobile box from dustbin.

Precap: Raghav says no one will leave this room. Sulochana and Amruta looks shocked. The lady Inspector says are they ready to go to the police station. Sulochana says that she is the one taken the pictures. Jaya slaps Sulochana. Raghav gets into his room and falls on the bed and then get trouble in breathing. Pallavi comes there and tries to help Raghav.

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