Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 14th June 2021 Written Update: Raghav gets angry at Pallavi for hiding Sunny and Keerti’s relationship from him.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunny gets shocked seeing Raghav in his doorstep. Sunny asks Raghav why he is here and if he want to do any work. Raghav enters his house and says that he dont have time to wait. Raghav then asks Sunny to relax. Sunny tells that someone is waiting for him. Raghav says to Sunny that someone is Keerti. Sunny puts his bag down and says why Keerti is going to wait for him.

Raghav tells Sunny that he dont like people who dont answer his straight forward questions then asks Sunny to sit. Raghav asks Sunny how long he and Keerti know each other. Sunny says to Raghav for two years. Raghav asks Sunny what kind of relationship they have. Raghav then says to Sunny that he knows they both planned to run away. Sunny asks Raghav how did he get to know. Raghav tells Sunny that he tapped his phone.

Sunny says to Raghav it’s illegal and If he complaints against him then he may have to go to jail. Raghav asks Sunny do he want commissioner number. Sunny becomes speechless. Pallavi asks Keerti instead of stopping Sunny why she is also following Sunny’s footsteps to do a mistake. Keerti says to Pallavi that she know nothing about Raghav and what he can do if she tell him about her and Sunny. Pallavi asks Keerti to atleast try to talk to Raghav and Jaya.

Keerti says to Pallavi that both Jaya and Keerti will never agree to be with Sunny in a live in relationship. Pallavi gets shocked. Keerti says to Pallavi that she knows nothing about Raghav, he snatched her family and Happiness from her already. Pallavi says to Keerti that she knows everything, Raghav told her. Pallavi then defends Raghav which makes Keerti angry so she tells that Raghav Raghav told his side of story to manipulate her.

Raghav asks Sunny to have a seat. Raghav then says to Sunny the other day when he and Pallavi comes to his house he smelt Keerti’s perfume and when he checked Keerti later he find out about their affair from that day he is keeping an eye on him. Raghav then asks Sunny how much he wants to leave his sister.

Sunny asks Raghav do he really think that he is with Keerti for her money. Raghav says to Sunny yes then asks him to stop his love drama and gets a money from him then leave the city. Raghav then asks Sunny how much he wants to leave Keerti. Sunny smiles and tells that he is the one who came with the offer so he is the one who has to tell. Raghav says to Sunny one crore. Sunny asks Raghav five crores. Raghav agrees and says to Sunny that he will receive a cheque withing a hour so asks Sunny to be ready to leave the city.

Keerti gets worried that Sunny is not answering her calls so she tries to go to Sunny. Pallavi tries to stop Keerti then they both gets into an argument. Jaya wakes up hearing the noise and asks what’s happening when she was Keerti with her suitcase. Keerti says to Jaya all this while she wa not brave enough so she didnt tell her this but now she is going to live with Sunny who she loves the most. Jaya gets angry and says to Keerti that she is not going to do this then asks her to get inside they will talk once Raghav is here.

Keerti shouts and says that Raghav is the one who snatched her nana and Arjun from her and if he knows about Sunny he wont hesitate to kill him. Jaya gets angry and tries to slap Keerti. Pallavi tries to calm down both Jaya and Keerti.

Raghav comes there and asks Keerti to go inside saying he knows everything about her and Sunny. Everyone gets shocked. Keerti them asks Raghav what he did to Sunny then accuses Pallavi for telling her relationship with Sunny to Raghav. Raghav slaps Keerti them Jaya takes Keerti with her. Raghav asks Pallavi did she know about this pr not. Pallavi says yes but Keerti told her this as a friend then how could she broke her trust. Raghav blames Pallavi. Mansi sees her ex fiancee got engaged to another girl and cries saying that Raghav and Pallavi will never live a happy life. Sulochana sees everything from far and says that she has to do something to ruin Raghav and Pallavi’s life.

Keerti in her room throws her things away and asks Jaya to let her go saying this house is suffocating the most and she cant live without Sunny. Pallavi asks Keerti to stop her childish act. Keerti says to Pallavi it’s her Love then warns Pallavi saying If Raghav did anything to Sunny then she will kill him for sure. Keerti then shocks Pallavi and Jaya but saying that Raghav will never get happiness in his life then faints. Pallavi and Jaya gets worried and asks Keerti to wake up.

Precap: Pallavi says to Raghav that this society treated her really bad because she was a Widow and asks Raghav to never do something in which he has to put his self respect at stake. Raghav covers Pallavi with a blanket. Vijay says to Raghav that he dont want to have any relationship with Raghav and his wife. Raghav says to Vijay even he wont leave the place until he forgives Pallavi. Vijay asks Raghav he wants to change the situation right then he has to clean his feet and drink that water. Raghav takes the mug of water to clean Vijay’s foot. Vijay smiles at him.

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