Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 16th October 2021 Written Update: Esha to make a shocking request to Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 16th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi goes to Keerti’s room and asks her is she got the blouse she is searching for. Keerti says no so Pallavi goes and searches for her. She then takes the blouse and tells Keerti if she searches it patiently then she will get it. Keerti thanks her. Pallavi then gives jewelry to Keerti asking her to choose what she wants. Jaya comes there and says that this puja is conducted for one more special reason and it is she want one more grandchild from her son Raghav and Pallavi. Pallavi starts blushing and when Keerti makes a joke saying now she has no other options even her mother in law wanted the kids to grow up for that she wants a kid from Raghav and Pallavi. Pallavi says that they are getting late to get ready. Jaya asks Pallavi is she told Raghav about the puja.

Pallavi says that she sent message to Raghav but he didn’t replied to her yet but he will return so asks her not to worry. Esha says to Raghav now she is okay and asks him to leave saying she will take care of herself. Raghav gets angry and asks Esha how could Sumit do this to her. Esha tells Raghav the moment she told him that she will always love Raghav only from that day Sumit started abusing her like this. Raghav asks Esha why she is tolerating all this where is the Esha who stands up for herself. Esha tells Raghav that the Esha she hide it in her a long time back and she get to meet that Esha the night they shared together. Raghav asks Esha to stop it saying he is married and he loves his wife Pallavi a lot so it’s better if she forgets all about that night. Esha says to Raghav that she is not asking him to give Pallavi’s place in his life but the place what she deserves. Raghav gets shocked and looks at Esha.

Everyone gets ready and comes downstairs for puja. Jaya praises Pallavi then asks about Raghav to which Pallavi says that he didnt replied to her message yet. Jaya asks Pallavi to not to worry saying he must be busy. Then they see Deshmukh’s coming to the house for the puja. They greets each other and Sharda gives prasad to Pallavi. Jaya switches on the music and talks about her husband is the one who played this to Milind who praises it. The priest asks them to sit for puja as they are getting late. Raghav tries to leave the house but Esha stops him saying if he truly don’t have any place for her in his heart then he can leave or else asks to take her hand saying she wont come in between Raghav and Pallavi. Raghav stops and looks back at Esha.

The priest says they have only few minutes left to start the puja. Sulochana and Mansi talks to each other about how Raghav is missing the important puja conducted by his family and wonders what must be the reason. Sunny wonders where Raghav must be. Jaya asks Pallavi to try calling Raghav who agrees and does what Jaya asks her to. Then they all hears the doorbell going off so Pallavi gets happy and goes and opens the door and asks Raghav where was he and why he didnt answer his calls. Esha comes and stands beside Raghav. Pallavi asks Raghav what is all this. Raghav tries to tell but Esha stops him putting her hand on him. Pallavi looks at their hand and then Raghav. Esha says to Pallavi that she met with an accident and Raghav is there so he bring her to this house. Pallavi looks at Esha’s wound and takes her inside and asks the worker to bring first aid box.

Jaya and Keerti gets angry seeing Esha there. Jaya scolds Raghav for being irresponsible enogh to come to the puja late. Esha apologises for interrupting the puja but Pallavi says that she is hurt and its okay once she gets firs aid she can leave. Priest informs them the auspicious time is almost over so Raghav goes to change his clothes. Amruta tells everyone that she is working under Esha only. Everyone gets happy. Jaya gets angry and tells Keerti that how dare Raghav can bring Esha to this house and she is going to throw her out right away. Keerti asks her to calm down saying everyone is out there once everyone leave they can talk to Raghav. Jaya asks Keerti is Pallavi know about Esha to which Keerti says few days back Pallavi asked her about Esha but now dont know. She then sees Sunny is standing outside so asks him what is he doing there. Sunny lies that Priest is asking them and then thinks to himself that he needs to get information from Keerti about Raghav and Esha.

Raghav and Pallavi Pallavi does the puja. Esha imagines herself beside Raghav rthen leaves the place getting upset. Amruta gets confused seeing Esha’s sudden change in behavior. After puja Pallavi asks Raghav to tell her what exactly happened to Esha. Raghav tells Pallavi that Esha’s ex husband is abusing her like this. Pallavi feels bad for Esha and tells Raghav that they can let Esha stay here for a while and they will ask her opinion about that too. Raghav gets shocked. Amruta informs them that Esha left. Sharda and Jaya asjs Raghav and Pallavi to give them a grandchild soon.

Raghav leaves the place. Deshmukh’s also leaves the house. Pallavi feels bad for Esha. Amruta hears Esha is searching for a house so she offers her the room in their house upstairs saying she can see if she liked it then she can shift there. Esha agrees to see the room. Pallavi goes to Raghav and tells him that they have to think about Sharda and Jayas advice about little Raghav or little Pallavi and brings her face closer to Raghav. Raghav recalls his night with Esha so he pulls away from Pallavi and leaves the place making an excuse. Pallavi gets shocked and wonders what happened to him and why Raghav is reacting like this.

Precap: Pallavi arranges a surprise for Raghav. She dances around Raghav. Later Raghav tells Pallavi that night he stayed in Warangal he shared a room with Esha. He then tells Pallavi that they shared a night together. Pallavi looks at Raghav.

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