Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 17th September 2021 Written Update: Pallavi asks Raghav to find about Abhishek’s boss

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 17th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi tells Raghav that she and Nikhil will go to Abishek’s house so that his mother wont feel alone. Raghav tells Pallavi that he will also accompany her. He then receives a call from Farhad so he asks Pallavi to ask thr driver to start the car. Farhad informs Raghav that he sent money to Abhishek’s house. Raghav asks Farhad to make sure what’s happening this case. Farhad says okay then he tells that Raghav may not worried about diamonds right now but if police gets thr diamond then they will definitely catch Raghav so he has to find the diamonds at any cost.

Raghav Pallavi and Nikhil goes to Abhishek’s house. Kalpana asks Pallavi what she witnessed it. Pallavi says to Kalpana that Abhishek is a good person and he spent most of the days with them too. So she never think that Abishek would do anything wrong. Kalpana shows the bag full of money to Pallavi and tells someone come to the house and gave this money bag and told her that Abhishek told him If anything happens to him asked to give it to her. She asks is Abhishek already know that he will die, why it happened to him. The so many questions which don’t have answers also the person who have all the answer is also not here and cries.

Nikhil asks Kalpana is Abhishek ever told him who he is working for. Kalpana tells no also Abhishek acted normally so she never thought that he is doing something wrong. She then puts the fire on money bag and tells that she dont want this when her son is not here. Everyone gets shocked.

Sunny reads the news about Abhishek’s encounter and recalls his meeting with Farhad and Raghav. Keerti comes there and asks Sunny to get ready for puja as Raghav and Pallavi also returned from Abishek’s house. She also tells that Kalapana burnt the bag full of money which has been given to her after Abhishek’s death and says it’s weird. Sunny tells those who doesnt know the whole story for them it’s weird. Keerti questions what he is saying but he leaves the place saying that he will get ready for the puja. While preparing for puja Pallavi looks lost in her thoughts.

Raghav comes there and asks Pallavi about the puja preparation. Pallavi then talks about Kalapana and then tells that she never thought Abhishek will be involved in some shady works and asks Raghav to help her find what kind of work and for who Abhishek worked with his influence. She also tells if Abhishek’s death happened because of someone else’s mistake then she want the person to get punished. Raghav gets shocked and then he promises to find who is Abhishek’s boss.

ACP Laxmi ask her colleague they found anything through his call records or not. The officer tells the most of the calls are from Abhishek’s girlfriend and his family members also before his encounter happened he received a call from this Particular number but the number was bought by some fake ID. Acp asks the officer to call Abishek’s girlfriend to investigate her. Farhad tells Raghav like he told that he offered a job to Abhishek’s sister and he hope the family members will accept it.

Raghav tells that Abishek family will never accept the money they will give them so this is the only way to help the family financially. Farhad then tells Raghav that ACP Laxmi saw the call records but he called with the fake I’d that’s why he is here or else she would put him behind the bars by now. He also tells Raghav that he is not caring about the diamonds but they have to find it before Laxmi or else they will be in big trouble so he send their men to find the diamond but they didn’t find anything yet. He asks Raghav to talk to higher officials to get rid of Laxmi but Raghav tells him that they have to wait till the matter is not a top of the news then he will punish Acp for sure.

Pallavi comes there and asks Raghav who he wants to punish. Raghav gets shocked but Farhad saves Raghav by lying to Pallavi that they are talking about one of the worker who did a wrong thing. Pallavi then takes Raghav with her saying tomorrow is puja and they have to wake up early.

Pallavi gives Raghav a night suit and tells him that today’s event is the proof that life has no guarantee and they have to Cherish everyrhing while they are here. She also thanks Raghav for coming in her life also giving meaning to her life. Raghav asks Pallavi what she will do in near future if there is a situation where she cant able to support the truth. Pallavi tells Raghav there sure will be a situation like this will come but she knows for sure that their relationship and Raghav will never let her down. She also reminds Raghav about the promise he made her to not to hide anything when Ved used to bother them. Raghav asks Pallavi he trusts her this much. Pallavi tells more than herself she trusts him the most because his intentions are never wrong.

Raghav gets inside the washroom and scolds himself for lying to Pallavi and decides to reveal everything to Pallavi but Raghav’s other side warn him that Pallavi will leave him forever if that’s what he wants he can go and tell her the truth. Raghav comes out of the washroom and goes to the bed. Pallavi also goes to the bed and falls asleep. The next day Pallavi arranges everything for the puja. Jaya also helps Pallavi. The officer informs Acp there is someone comes to meet her.

ACP goes and sees Sunny. The latter praises her and tells her that he wants to help her find an evidence against Raghav but Acp asks him to give a proof of his enmity with Raghav then she will accept his offer. Sunny gets upset and leaves. The officer asks Sunny to find the diamonds which went missing to prove Acp his enmity with Raghav. Sunny looks on.

Precap: Sunny tells Pallavi that Abhishek worked with Raghav. Pallavi gets shocked. Pallavi finds the red pouch from the shop and she and Nikhil both gets shocked seeing the diamonds. Raghav feeds Pallavi food and then tells her that he has to complete the diamond design for one of the client for that he is Choosing diamonds. Pallavi tells Ragav that she found a pouch filled with diamonds and asks him is those diamonds belongs to him. Raghav gets shocked and looks at Pallavi.

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