Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 18th June 2021 Written Update: Pallavi warns Raghav to not to ask her to leave him and the house again

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi asks Krishna to deliver the Nawab family orders. Pallavi then ask Jaya to come and have breakfast then sees Jaya is upset so she asks where is Keerti. Jaya tells that Keerti is still looking for Sunny. Pallavi tells Jaya that she will go and see Keerti.

Pallavi then sees Raghav so asks him to have food. Raghav gives Pallavi an envelope saying this is for her. Pallavi asks what is this and opens the letter to find tickets and asks is anyone going somewhere. Raghav says yes and tells it’s her who is going to Kolhapur. Pallavi gets shocked and asks why. Raghav apologises to Pallavi for whatever he did to her and tells that he relieves her from their marriage also this house responsibilities. Pallavi looks st the ticket and tells that the train is noon so she will go and pack her things then leaves the room. Raghav then hugs Jaya and cries.

Keerti asks Gopi to search is there is a ticket booked in the name of Sunny Ahuja or not. Sulochana happily tells Amruta that Mansi defend her. Amruta asks Sulochana that means she is the one who behind all this then asks Sulochana by all this planning and plotting they are the one who losing everything and she is tired of this and leaves the place. Sulochana says that she wont understand to achieve their goals they have to go through all this.

Raghav asks his worker to put the things in a car and tells Pallavi that her train in in an hour. Pallavi hugs Raghav and tells that he dont need to worry about her and asks him to take care of himself. Raghav asks Pallavi to take care of herself too. Raghav then asks her to move forward. Pallavi tells Raghav it’s not her its him who is going to Kolhapur. Both Raghav and Jaya gets shocked. Raghav asks Pallavi what is she saying. Pallavi gives him a ticket. Raghav looks at the ticket the looks at Pallavi. Pallavi says that she told her brother to arrange him a bungalow for him but until then he has to adjust with her brothers family.

Jaya smiles but hides it from them. Raghav looks at Jaya for help but she looks somewhere else so Raghav says to Pallavi that he thought this is what she wants. Pallavi asks Raghav how dare he can try to make her leave the house and tells now she will teach him a lesson and goes inside. Jaya tries to leave the place but Raghav stops her and asks why she did this to him. Jaya tells Raghav that it’s not her mistake that he should have used his brain. Raghav gets shocked.

Later both Raghav and Jaya sees Pallavi with a broomstick. Pallavi goes to Raghav who hides behind Jaya and tells its Jaya’s idea. Pallavi asks Raghav to not to take Jaya’s name and tells when she dont want to marry him he forcefully married her and she wants to Stay with him he is askimg her to leave the house how dare he. Raghav tries to run away but Pallavi beats him with broomstick. Farhad and worker also witness this then laughs.

Pallavi then says to Raghav that he better get used to her presence because she is going to stay with him. Raghav smiles at Pallavi. Everyone smiles at them. Pallavi then leaves the place. Raghav looks at her. Jaya goes to Raghav and tells him that she knows Pallavi will stay with them only. Raghav folds his hand and tells Jaya that he had never seen someone who changes sides within a second and goes to Pallavis room. Jaya prays god for Raghav and Pallavi’s happiness.

Raghav asks Pallavi to open the door and apologizes to her but Pallavi in her room says to herself that this time she wont forgive Raghav. Raghav tells that he is not going to apologise to Pallavi. Later Farhad laughs at Raghav seeing him in pain. Farhad asks Raghav to think something to convince Pallavi. Then they both think about convincing Pallavi.

Farhad even searches in internet but Raghav dont get satisfied so he asks Farhad what his father do when his mother was upset. Farhad says he will tell her a Shayari then she will become happy. Raghav then asks Farhad to write him a Shayari for Pallavi. Raghav goes to Pallavis room and asks her to listen fo him once.

Raghav then opens the paper and gets shocked seeing the Shayari is written in Hindi so he thinks to himself that he dont know Hindi. Keerti gets a call from Rocky, Rocky says to Keerti that police find Sunny’s mobile nearby a person who met with an accident so they are asking him to come and identify the body. Keerti cries and tells if anything happens to Sunny he will kill Raghav for sure.

Precap: Raghav sings a song. Pallavi gets surprised hearing that. Later in near by swimming pool Pallavi tells Raghav that she is not aware that her husband can sing Hindi classical songs. Raghav tells Pallavi that he is happy when she calls him as her husband. Keerti goes there and asks Raghav what he did to Sunny. Raghav gets angry. Ved meets Sunny.

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