Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st May 2021 Written Update: Raghav trap Nikhil

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav sits in his house infront of chess and says now this one must be left the house and says the other one is already waiting for him. Harish waits for Nikhil, Nikhil comes there. Harish hands him a parcel and says to Nikhil that he needs to give this to the Customer within thirty minutes. Nikhil says to Harish that he will manage, in the beginning he was afraid now he become a pro and Thanks Harish for that.

Then Nikhil asks Harish that everytime it’s about diamond but today what happened they asked him to do this. Harish says to Nikhil to this without making any mistakes. Nikhil asks Harish why he is looking so worried. Harish says nothing and asks Nikhil to properly deliver the parcel. Nikhil leaves the place. Raghav says that King won’t sit uselessly and looks at Farhad. Farhad then calls the police and says that he has some information for them. Nikhil waits for the customer. Pallavi comes there.

Nikhil gets shocked. Harish also looks Pallavi and informs Raghav. Raghav says that plan may get change a different but he isn’t ready to cancel his plans and says that he knows how g to make Pallavi leave the place. Pallavi asks Nikhil what is he doing here. Pallavi says that she came here to meet a client who asks some saree after seeing the photogram pictures. Pallavi says now she can’t do anything but thinks to atleast meet the client. Pallavi asks Nikhil what is he doing here. And says that Nikhil told her that he is doing some digital marketing only.

Nikhil says that he is Waiting for his friend. Pallavi says to Nikhil that she will stay with him until his friend arrives because he may get bored standing alone. Nikhil says to Pallavi that he will manage and asks her to go. Pallavi gets a call from Sharda. Pallavi asks Sharada what happened. Sharda says to Pallavi that Raghav is Waiting outside the door with Shagun in his hand. Then Sharda asks Pallavi how Raghav knows her number. Pallavi gets shocked listening to Sharda and ask Sharda to not to go outside until she comes there. Sharda says okay and disconnects the call. Pallavi looks worried that Raghav may talk about the marriage proposal to Sharda so she tells Nikhil that she have to leave for some Important work and asks him to take care.

Pallavi comes to the hospital. Raghav waits at the hospital door. Pallavi asks Raghav what is this new drama that he is doing by bringing all this. Raghav says that he came here to rectify his mistake. Pallavi looks confused. Raghav says sorry and explains Pallavi that he Forget that she is belongs to a middle class family so he decides to talk to their marriage to her father and mother. Pallavi says what? Raghav says that if Pallavi’s parents agrees to this marriage then she will also agree and asks her to come with him they both will talk to Vijay and Sharda. Sharda notices Raghav and Pallavi. Raghav turns but Pallavi hold his hand and the enttire content in the basket falls to the ground. Sharda comes there. Raghav looks at both Sharda and Pallavi.

Pallavi asks him to leave the hospital. A doctor comes there and asks Pallavi why she is asking Raghav to leave the hospital and says that he came here to donate the medicine and take all the medicines from the ground and leaves. Pallavi looks at Raghav. Sharda says to Pallavi that Raghav don’t even deserves to talk to her so asks her to not to waste any time and says let’s go inside. Raghav looks at Pallavi and walks away. Pallavi looks at him. Raghav sits in his car and smirks at Pallavi and leaves. Pallavi looks at the car turning and when she turns around she notices Nikhil is running. Pallavi thinks Why Nikhil is running like that and sees the Police are running behind him.

Pallavi runs behind them and calls Nikhil’s name. Police catches Nikhil and take him in their car. Nikhil asks Pallavi to save him. Pallavi runs behind the car calling Nikhil’s name and falls to the ground. Raghav give some money to Harish and asks him to go to his village for next two to three days and spent time there. Harish thanks Raghav. Raghav asks Harish mobile and gives it to Farhad. Raghav says to Farhad to tell the Inspector not to harm Nikhil bit to give a little more pressure. Farhad says okay. Raghav asks Farhad to change his photo and puts there Jaya’s picture there. Raghav stands up and says amma is coming to the house.

In the police station Pallavi asks Police illegal diamonds? Police says yes and shows them a briefcase saying that Nikhil is get caught during diamond smuggling. Pallavi says that this must be a misunderstanding and tells that Nikhil is doing digital marketing. Police asks if what Pallavi saying is true then why Nikhil tries to run away when he saw the police and says to Pallavi nothing will happen by talking to him and ask her to talk to some good lawyer. Sharda feed food to Vijay.

Vijay says to Sharda now he has to make Nikhil understand that he is not a kid anymore. Krishna brings a lawyer, Pallavi thanks Krishna for bringing lawyer at short notice. They all goes inside the police station. The officer says to the constable to take them to the smuggler guy. Pallavi gets angry and says that her brother is not a smuggler. Inspector warns Pallavi sayimg that this is his station. Krishna apologises to the Inspector and takes Pallavi with her.

Pallavi touch Nikhils face and says that she knows all these are some misunderstanding. Nikhil doesn’t meet Pallavi’s eyes. Pallavi asks Nikhil it’s all a misunderstanding right? Nikhil looks down. Pallavi gets shocked. Nikhil holds Pallavis hand and tells that he Indeed done this smuggling because he had no other options left to get money for his family. Nikhil asks Pallavi to not to say this to anyone Especially Sharda and Vijay because he dont want to make them worry more. Nikhil apologises to Pallavi.

Pallavi look at Nikhil angrily. The lawyer asks Nikhil do he know who that person is. Nikhil tells that he worked under some one name Harish and give his number. Lawyer calls the number and then says that mobile is switched off. Lawyer asks Nikhil he signed any contract or he know the boss or anyone apart from Harish.

Nikhil says no and tells that Harish is the one who he knows. Nikhil pleads Pallavi to forgive him and help him come outside of the prison. Raghav walks here and there in his room and looks at his mobile. Farhad comes there and says to Raghav that Pallavi isnt someone who will easily accept her defeat and she may get succeed in taking Nikhil out of the jail. Raghav says No and leaves the room.

Pallavi says to Krishna that Nikhil is a fool and now he put him in this situation and this is why whenever I I asked about his new job he diverted the topic. Pallavi says that this is all her mistake that she should have concentrated more on this then this wouldn’t have happened. Krishna says to Pallavi that she needs to stop blaming herself and says Nikhil is also innocent they used his innocence.

The lawyer says that it’s a open shut case if there is no proof then they can’t bail Nikhil. Pallavi says that it’s his job to find proofs. Lawyer says that he can’t take this case and leaves the place. Krishna asks the Lawyer to not to say like this and asks him to help them but the lawyer leaves. Pallavi says to Krishna that her anger for what Nikhil did is one side but she can’t let Nikhil to get punishment for someone else’s mistakes. Sharda calls Nikhil and she sees Pallavi is there and says that Nikhil is not picking the call. Pallavi says to Sharda that Nikhil is in jail for smuggling illegal diamonds and they have to bail him. Milind comes there and asks Pallavi what is she saying. Pallavi explains everything. Sharda cries. Milind asks Sharda to go to the hospital then says to Pallavi that they will find a lawyer.

Milind and Pallavi tries to convince one lawyer but not one agrees. Milind asks Pallavi to wait here and says that he will come back within few minutes. Krishna calls Pallavi and says that she remembers there is two men always with Raghav one is Farhad and the another one is.. Pallavi thinks all the time whenever she met Harish and says Harish. Raghav says that you got 100 Mark’s for this right answer Saree Ka Dukhan. Pallavi turns around and sees Raghav standing near by his car eating something. Raghav smirks at Pallavi. Pallavi look at Raghav.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raghav says that this marriage is not out of love but out of revenge. Raghav sits on the Mandap. Priest says call the bride. Pallavi comes there wearing a white saree and says to Raghav that he has so much ego for his wealth and she will destroy his pride by his wealth and throws the bridal dress in the fire.

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