Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 21st April 2021 Written Update: Raghav and Pallavi strikes a new deal

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav walks here and there in his room then he saw Pallavi there and asks is she done this to his family. Pallavi asks Raghav what he thinks? Raghav says that he don’t think Pallavi could do this. Pallavi says exactly and tells that she belongs to a middle class family and she don’t do these things. Raghav says that Pallavi is a good person and till now they had so many fights she not even once stoop low aand he knows that she has dignity then says who might have done this.

Pallavi says to Raghav that she may have dignity but he don’t have so she needs to give him answers in his own style. Pallavi asks Raghav what he thinks if he insult her family she will keep her mouth shut and watch Everything No. She says that if you break my sisters alliance then I’ll also do the same to your sister. Raghav holds Pallavi’s neck and ask how dare she do this to him. Farhad asks Raghav what happened to him later Raghav realises it’s his imagination only.

Raghav throw knife on the board while drinking Farhad says to Raghav that Pallavi will never do such things. Raghav says that he is right but when it comes to her family she will go to any extend. Then Raghav recalls all the moment Pallavi threatened him. Raghav calls his mother and ask when the pictures are posted in photogram account first she asks him to leave the matter later she tells it’s the day whennkeerti helped Pallavi and there are so many people there someone might have done it so ask him to leave it. Raghav stand from his place and asks Farhad what is Pallavi’s assistants name. Farhad tells Raghav its Krishna.

In the morning Raghav goes to Pallavi’s shop, Krishna says that Pallavi isn’t here. Raghav says that he is here to talk to her Only. Krishna hesitates. Raghav tells Krishna that he know he tortured them but he genuinely want to know something. Krishna says okay what it is. Raghav says that he is surprised with Pallavi’s confident and he is impressed the way how she get her keys back now he don’t want to involve in any challenge, he is willing to give the shop keys also he says he want to apologise to Pallavi also.

Krishna asks then why not he directly apologise. Raghav says that because we don’t talk wr argue. Krishna says right before Pallavi isn’t like this but when she met You her inner Janci Rani came out. Krishna says that also right now Pallavi handle everyone alone like how she handled the shop even after Lots of Hardwork she is facing the loss but she shows fake account to her family so that her family members will be happy.

Raghav listens everything and asks for a water . Krishna goes to bring the water Raghav search the place and find the fake account book then hide it under his shirt. Once Krishna returns he ask her to help him. Pallavi tells someone on the call that she reached the clients place then she receives the call from Krishna saying Raghav wants to meet her in Restaurant. Pallavi says okay then thinks Now Raghav want to create a scene in the Public.

Pallavi goes to the Restaurant and ask Raghav why he asked her to come here. Raghav ask her to sit first Pallavi refuses then sits on the couch. Raghav asks she need anything to drink Pallavi says no and ask him why he called her. Raghav calls the waiter and ask him to bring cool orange juice because nowadays Pallavi’s mind is always thinking too much. Raghav asks her to drink eat something. Palkavi mocks him saying that he can’t talk while eating and she has no interest in saving him.

Raghav gives Pallavi the sale deeds paper. Pallavi looks at that and become happy. Then she says to Raghav that she is not fool to believe him and asks him what he is trying to do by transferring the shop in her name. Raghav says that he know she will not believe him and ask her to read the paper then sign once she believes until then he will wait outside then leaves the place.

Pallavi reads the paper and find nothing suspicious. She recalls Vijay’s words then goes to Raghav and ask why he decide to give it back to her. Raghav says that he may be seems a wrong person but he is actually good one by heart which many people failed to notice then he says that he may do some wrong things but end of the day he want justice for the end result. And for him the challenges are just entertainment he just want to test her limits, she succeeded in it so as he said before he is giving back her shops to her.

Pallavi says that she will sign under one condition and tells him that she will pay the shop amount in next 12 months under emi if he agrees then she will ask her lawyer to make another agreement Raghav says okay then he see her about to leave without signing the paper so he stop her saying between us anything happen at any minute so it’s better if she signs. Pallavi agrees and signs the paper. Raghav gives her another copy which also Pallavi signs. They both says goodbye Pallavi leaves the place. Raghav looks at her then says that he is going to do one more thing after that only it’s a good bye for him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raghav goes to the Deshmukh’s house, Vijay slaps when Raghav says something to them. Pallavi asks what he is saying. Raghav says to everyone for the last few years this shop is in loss.

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