Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Raghav recalls his past

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raghav meets Pallavi in a loney street and says I told you not to show your face to me but you again came in front of me and says now you will face consequences for this and she starts to sweat hearing his words. He comes close to her and she closes her eyes seeing him. He takes her saree edge and wipes her sweat from her face and then he snatches her mobile phone from her hand and says this cheap phone is so important to you right?

Then wait and watch what I will do with it and he goes and keeps the phone in front of his car tyres. Pallavi asks Raghav what are you trying to do with it? He sits inside the car and drives it backwards and then forward and says but still I am giving you one last warning that don’t come in front of me again and goes away from the place.

The next morning, Pallavi is praying from God that the situations are not in her favour anymore but she is not complaining to him but what she wants is his support and courage for herself so that she can be able to tackle this situation and come out of it successfully. Suddenly that small boy came in her house with his mother arriving at her house in such an early hour?

His mother says whatever you did for my son that there is beyond any gratitude expressed. I will be always thankful to you for everything and Megha asks her not to be so formal. That small boy takes out a box from his bag and gives it to Pallavi saying that it must be yours which came into my bag mistakenly. Pallavi gets a huge relief to see the box as this can lessen so many problems for her.

She comes back home after selling that golden thread and gets happy that she got eighty thousand rupees in hand and she distributes the money in different envelopes as per her expenses. She is so happy that finally she will be able to do everything which was pending and she calls Jagdish to inform him that she will pay the rent for him tomorrow. She goes out with her mother-in-law Sharda to visit the Laxmi Narayan temple and Sulochana doesn’t understand that what can be the reason for Pallavi being so happy?

On the other hand Raghav gets ready and your heart says to his servant that today is a very sensitive day for Raghav and he shouldn’t do or ask anything out of the box to him which can make things turn ugly. Raghav gets ready in traditional clothes and goes to a room of his house where he recalls memories of his childhood and gets emotional.

He comes to a house with Farhad and it says that I wanted to come inside. It is revealed that pallavi’s accountant is none other than Raghav’s own sister and he is her elder big brother. He says to her mother that I am not that kind of a person which you think I am and asks her to allow him to perform the rites of his father and his late younger brother.

They didn’t allow him inside and Raghav goes back to his house and breaks down crying and asks Farhad am I that bad that my own family cannot accept me. I am so much alone in my life and I wanted to get rid of it. Later Jagdish meets Sulochana and informs her regarding Pallavi about paying rent, she gets shocked and asks Jagdish not to take money from her.

Precap – Pallavi gets scared to see Raghav in Jewelry shop and covers her face.

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